Enterprise Development

The Enterprise Development Team supports small businesses and start-ups around Iowa with a complete range of services, turning initial ideas into successful businesses.

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Our clients: small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups

Our services*

Feasibility Studies

Whether starting a new business or expanding an existing venture, Feasibility Studies are sometimes required to obtain a grant or a loan guarantee. To that end, we will review a company’s business plan, assess the product market and current business environment, and evaluate financial projections for the funding entity.

Entrepreneurship Training

We develop and present business planning classes for entrepreneurs who are looking to learn how to write a business plan and compile financial projections. Beginning and Intermediate training sessions are available.

Certified Business Appraisals

When a business changes hands there are times when a certified appraisal will be required. Examples include one partner buying out another, settlement of an estate, or marriage dissolution. We can provide the required certified appraisal.

Business Plan Assistance

When starting a business or expanding an existing operation, a business plan is often required to obtain financing. We can help outline the information needed in the plan and can review and comment on the plan as it is assembled.

Feasibility Snapshots

There are times when banks or other lenders look to us for a third-party opinion of business feasibility. These reviews are not as in-depth as a Feasibility Study, although many of the same factors are considered. A finished report will include our opinion on the business concept and the likelihood of success.

Business and Financial Consultations

Sometimes business owners run into unfamiliar situations and need to have an impartial party review the situation with them. This is where our Technical Assistance can be useful, as our staff have many years of experience operating and advising small businesses. We will gladly listen to your situation and advise accordingly. If we do not have the answer, we will help find the information you need, if possible.

*Certain services will require a fee to be assessed. Such changes, if any, will be determined following an initial assessment of expected effort on each project.

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Our Enterprise Development Team is led by Duane Johnson, (515) 296-3473.