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This podcast series is a collaboration among Iowa State University Extension and Outreach programs including Community and Economic Development, Farm, Food, and Enterprise Development, and the Iowa Small Business Development Centers. We offer topics on education, research, and technical assistance for Iowa’s small businesses. Listen to episodes below (most recent listed first), or on your favorite podcast player. (Note that several episodes are available in Spanish.)

Listen to host Steve Adams discuss “What It’s Like to Be an Iowa Business Owner During the Pandemic,” along with other guests on the July 13, 2020, episode of Talk of Iowa on Iowa Public Radio.

Season 1 | Episode 30: Real Estate Discussion with Economist Peter Orazem

Dr. Peter Orazem, professor of economics at Iowa State University, examines recent economic indicators regarding employment and business health in relation to the private and commercial real estate markets. (July 31, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 29: Business Exit Strategies

Attorney Nick Roby with the Drake Law Clinic’s Entrepreneurial and Transactional Law division discusses considerations for businesses who do not think they can survive in this business climate and need to wind down operations. (July 31, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 28: Midwest Economic Update with Dr. Ernie Goss

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Ernie Goss, professor of economics at Creighton University, director of the Institute for Economic Inquiry, and director of the Goss Institute for Economic Research—a bipartisan think tank conducting business and economic research and providing innovative, practical recommendations that affect change and public policy. Dr. Goss provides his insights into the economic outlook in various sectors for the Midwest. (July 24, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 27: Encountering Innovation Conference

Host Steve Adams speaks to Laurie Pieper, tech consultant for Iowa’s Small Business Development Centers, and Alan Badgley, tech director for the Kansas Small Business Development Centers, about the upcoming Encountering Innovation Conference. This episode is particularly interesting to Iowa’s various tech companies seeking funding and assistance commercializing their tech products and services. (July 23, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 26: COVID Economic Outlook

In this edition, Steve Adams interviews Iowa State University economics research faculty member David Swenson about the effects of COVID-19 on Iowa’s economy. Mr. Swenson also discusses the future outlook for various sectors of the Iowa economy as well as his views on the speed with which he believes the economy will recover from the pandemic. (July 17, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 25: Iowa Retail Initiative—Strategies and Best Practices

Lisa Bates, field specialist II with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, joins host Steve Adams to discuss the wide range of business services available through the Iowa Retail Initiative. Several publications and best practices are discussed in this episode, including COVID-19 strategies. (June 26, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 24: Iowa Source Link—Business Resource Portal

Steve Adams interviews Patrick Luensmann, senior program manager at the University of Northern Iowa. He manages Iowa Source Link, a collaboration between the University of Northern Iowa and the Iowa Economic Development Authority. If you are a business looking for technical assistance or resources, this is the portal you want to visit. (June 26, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 23: ISU Economic Development and Industry Relations

This podcast provides a detailed description of Iowa State University’s Economic Development and Industry Relations (EDIR). Our guest is David Spalding, the Raisbeck Endowed Dean of the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University. Dean Spalding is also serving as interim vice president for EDIR for Iowa State University. EDIR provides a wide range of services to Iowa businesses. Steve Adams serves as the host on this informative podcast describing the various business resources available at Iowa State University. (June 4, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 22: Business Reopening Strategies—Beauty Salons and Barbers

Today our guests are Stacie and Rick Mosley from Rick Mosley Hair in Clive, IA. In this podcast we discuss some of the challenges that hair salons, barber shops and cosmetologists have been facing during this Covid-19 pandemic. Steve Adams leads the conversation and the Mosleys provide best practice strategies for reopening. (June 3, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 21: Human Resource Strategies—COVID-19

Steve Adams hosts Dr. Maartje Schouten, assistant professor in the Department of Management at Iowa State University’s Ivy College of Business. Her research and teaching specifically focus on human resource areas of teams, social hierarchy, power, status and perspective taking. Dr. Shouten will discuss human resource strategies in the current COVID-19 environment, including retaining talent, best practices, and inclusive planning in reopening for business. (May 20, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 20: SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness

This podcast takes a first look at the recently released Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness application. Recurring guest Dave Biedenbach, regional director of the Iowa State University Small Business Development Center, is joined by Tim Wolfe, president and CEO, and Ryan Newton, commercial loan officer, both of State Savings Bank in West Des Moines, Iowa. Guided by host Steve Adams the discussion examines the PPP forgiveness application with important advice for small business owners who are currently working through the process. (May 26, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 19: Shop Where I Live

This episode features Cherie Edilson, co-founder and CEO of Shop Where I Live. Cherie and host Steve Adams discuss this web-based sales platform for Main Street businesses in collaboration with chambers of commerce and economic development organizations. (May 22, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 18: Business Resources—Iowa State University Parks Library

Iowa State University professor Jeffrey Kushkowski discusses his role at the library and the resources available. From business resources to economic and market data, this podcast will connect you with information to help your business succeed. Steve Adams serves as your host and as always, throws a little humor into the discussion. (May 15, 2020.) Transcript | Free Business Resources and Websites (Parks Library web page)

Season 1 | Episode 17: Flujo de Caja

Flujo de Caja – Episodio de Podcast que ofrece información acerca de la importancia de Flujo de Caja, el Analisis de Flujo de Caja, y proyecciones de Flujo de Caja en preparar su pequeño negocio para la futura etapa de recuperación durante COVID 19. Además, herramientas útiles en la creación de estos documentos. (May 16, 2020.) Transcripción

Season 1 | Episode 16: Iowa Restaurant Reopening Guidance

This timely webinar (audio only, presentation slides at the link below) discusses the reopening guidance for Iowa restaurants in May 2020. Jessica Dunker, President and CEO of the Iowa Restaurant Association offers a presentation that discusses the directives and recommendations when reopening a restaurant. Mark Speltz, Bureau Chief, Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, answers viewer questions and provide additional insight on reopening. Hosted by Lisa Shimkat, state director of American’s SBDC Iowa. (May 11, 2020.) Transcript | Jessica Dunker’s presentation slides

Season 1 | Episode 15: Evaluacion de su Modelo de Negocio

Evaluacion de su Modelo de Negocio – Podcast que trata sobre la importancia de tener un modelo de negocio para su empresa y como actualizarlo en esta epoca de incertidumbre. Victor Oyervides e Himar Hernandez analizan en este episodio diferentes ideas que estan haciendo varios negocios para adaptarse y comparten la herramienta para completar un modelo de negocio. (May 6, 2020.)

Season 1 | Episode 14: Business Model Strategies

Business model strategies are discussed with guests Paul Heath, regional director of SBDC University of Iowa, and Scott Swenson, regional director of SBDC Kirkwood Community College. Host Steve Adams leads the discussion on best practices and how some business have modified their business model for success. (May 6, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 13: Iowa Foundation for Microenterprise and Community Vitality

Craig Downs and Mark Edelman discuss the Iowa Foundation for Microenterprise and Community Vitality and the Community Vitality Center at Iowa State University. Episode includes a discussion of the Microenterprise Loan Fund and the technical assistance available at the Community Vitality Center. Hosted by Steve Adams of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. (May 6, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 12: Criterios y Restricciones para la reapertura de restaurantes en Iowa

Criterios y Restricciones para la reapertura de restaurantes en Iowa – Episodio que cubre el tema de las reaperturas de negocios de comida en Iowa. Incluye restricciones, criterios y recomendaciones. Este Podcast tambien cubre diversos recursos que existen para apoyar a los duenos de los restaurantes en Iowa. (May 6, 2020.)

Season 1 | Episode 11: Iowa Area Development Group

Bruce Nuzum and Brittany Morales discuss the financing programs that Iowa Area Development Group works with through the Iowa electrical cooperatives. Programs include revolving loan funds, USDA financing, and grants. Brittany also details the Ripple Effect partnership between IADG and Aureon as she provides economic development support to Iowa independent telecommunication companies through technical assistance and financial packaging. (May 6, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 10: SBA Loan Program Update—SBDC

Joel Youngs, regional director with the Small Business Development Center, provides an update on the EIDL, PPP, and SBDC services available at this time. Topics include direct business services, technical assistance, and the loan process. Host Steve Adams also provides some status updates on similar business assistance programs. (April 30, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 9: SBA 504 and Other Financial Options

Steve Brustkern, executive director of Blackhawk Economic Development Corporation, joins the podcast to discuss the various programs he oversees. The Small Business Administration’s 504 program, various revolving loan funds, and other topics of business development are included in his discussion with host Steve Adams. (April 30, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 8: Website and Online Payments Best Practices

Darcy Swon from the Iowa SBDC will discuss website development and evaluation techniques for the current business climate. Topics include types of websites, software choices, design strategies and online payment options. Steve Adams, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, hosts this episode. (April 30, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 7: Revenue Stream Analysis

Evaluating new revenue streams is the focus of this episode. Businesses should always be evaluating these streams for the best return on investment as they continue to expand their goods and services portfolio. Victor Oyervides from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and Brett Middendorf with the Iowa Small Business Development Center join host Steve Adams for this discussion. (April 30, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 6: Colaboracion y Programas en Iowa

Colaboración y Programas en Iowa – Episodio de Podcast que cubre el tema relevante para pequeños negocios acerca de la colaboración entre Iowa State University Extension and Outreach y Iowa Small Business Development Centers para ofrecer Podcasts, webinars, cursos, material informático y asesoría técnica durante la crisis de COVID 19. Además de información pertinente de otros programas locales y estatales para pequeños negocios. (April 30, 2020.)

Season 1 | Episode 5: Small Business Relief Fund—Iowa

This podcast features Deidre DeJear from the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) and Kameron Middlebrooks with ISU Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development. Guests discuss the Iowa Small Business Relief Fund, which provides grants to businesses with seven or fewer employees impacted by COVID-19. (April 24, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 4: Evaluating Customer Segments

In this episode, Victor Oyervides of ISU Extension and Outreach and Brett Middendorf of America’s SBDC Iowa discuss evaluating your customer segments and considering different business models that increase revenue and profitability. (April 24, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 3: Revolving Loan Funds

In this episode we interview Rick Hunsaker, executive director at Region XII Council of Governments, and Tami Lehmann, business RLF administrator for Region XII Council of Governments. They discuss revolving loan fund programs they operate and similar programs throughout Iowa as a potential funding option for businesses. (April 24, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 2: Cash Flow Analysis—Short Term

In this episode we interview Dave Biedenbach, Small Business Development Center in Ames, Iowa, and Duane Johnson of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Farm, Food and Enterprise Development Program, on their thoughts and recommendations on quickly developing a cash flow analysis for your business. (April 24, 2020.) Transcript

Season 1 | Episode 1: SBA Programs for Your Business

In this episode, host Steve Adams interviews Kimberley Tiefenthaler, regional director in North Central Iowa for the Small Business Development Centers, and Brett Middendorf of America’s SBDC Iowa at ISU. They talk about Small Business Administration programs available to support Iowa businesses impacted by COVID-19. (April 22, 2020.) Transcript