County Fair


2023 Dubuque County Fair Book


YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) Training - must be completed for 4-H exhibitors showing beef, sheep, swine, poultry, rabbits, dairy cattle, dairy and meat goats by July 1st.  

Static Exhibits

Communication/Clothing- These exhibits will be judged on July 1st and need to be entered into Fair Entry by June 28th.

Static Exhibits - These exhibits will be judged on July 18th and include categories such as Photography, STEM, Food & Nutrition, Woodworking, Horticulture, and so much more! These need to be entered into Fair Entry by July 1st.

Write-Up - A write-up should accompany each static exhibit explaining the 4-H member's goals, how they made their exhibit, and what they learned. Most write-ups also include a financial chart showing how much was spent on supplies. Some include photos of the progress as the exhibit is made. There are examples below Food & Nutrition, Photography, and All Static Exhibit sections.


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Agricultural & Natural Resources
Creative Arts
Family and Consumer Science
Personal Development
Science, Engineering, & Technology
4-H Gardens, Herbs, & Flowers
Static Exhibit Forms

Clothing Entry Form
Clothing Report Form Junior & Intermediate
Clothing Report Form Senior
Communications Day Forms
Design: Exploring the Elements and Principles
General Goal Sheet
Photography Exhibit Label
Poster Communication Exhibit Report Form
Preserved Food Labels


Animal Exhibits

ALL livestock need to be entered into Fair Entry by July 1st. 

Beef Projects
Dairy Cattle & Goat Projects
Horse Projects
Meat Goat Projects
Pet Projects
Poultry Projects
Rabbit Projects
Sheep Projects
Swine Projects
Livestock Forms

Meat Goat
Bucket Bottle Calf Overview
Bucket Bottle Calf Written Report