Civil rights and compliance.


Iowa State University Extension and Outreach celebrates all identities, cultures, and backgrounds and actively works to foster a climate that is grounded in respect, value, and belonging. In our communities, diversity, equity, and inclusion enrich the experiences of ISU Extension and Outreach participants and partners. In our organization, diversity, equity, and inclusion support constructive workplace and educational environments, and promote excellence throughout the organization. ISU Extension and Outreach aims to provide research- and evidence-based educational opportunities to cultivate the growth of Iowa’s agriculture, families, youth, and communities; is dedicated to serving all Iowans; and will continue to take intentional and thoughtful steps to achieve this goal.

Our ISU Extension and Outreach mission is to build a strong Iowa by engaging all Iowans in research, education, and extension experiences to address current and emerging real-life challenges. Ensuring that we serve all Iowans is part of our foundational responsibility as a Land Grant University, our identity as a premier provider of education and opportunity across the state, and our responsibilities to USDA/NIFA, our federal partners. Our leadership team is committed to civil rights and cultivating an environment where all feel like they belong.