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Embark on an exhilarating journey with 4-H, a global program captivating the hearts of nearly 6 million young people! Youth can experience 4-H through school and community clubs, in-school and after-school programs, and 4-H camps. 4-H programming focuses on the following program project areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Communication and the Arts, Healthy Living, Leadership and Civic Engagement, and STEM. 4-H welcomes youth from various backgrounds and passions in grades K-12 - Clover Kids (grades K-3) and 4-H Clubs (grades 4-12).

Enrolling in your county's 4-H program may involve an enrollment fee. Please contact your local County Extension Office to find out more. Financial assistance for individual enrollment fees is available through the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

Ready to start your 4-H adventure? Fill out our interest form below or contact your local County Extension Office to learn more about the endless 4-H opportunities.

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Step 1: Explore

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Step 1: Explore

4-H has four major priority areas which include Healthy Living, STEM, Leadership & Civic Engagement, and Communication & Arts. Check out all of the programs Iowa 4-H has to offer for those program areas. 

4-H Programs

Youth choose projects to enroll in as part of the enrollment process. Youth select projects based on their interest areas or something new they would like to try. 4-H offers many different projects to be enrolled in. Check out all of the 4-H Projects to choose from. 

4-H Projects List

Check out what is happening in Dallas County 4-H by viewing out newsletters. 

Dallas County 4-H Newsletters 

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Step 2: Decide

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Step 2: Decide

Dallas County has many community clubs. You may choose a club based on location, age, or special interest, but you are not required to join the club that meets closest to your address. Check out our club directory to see what club will best fit your needs. Club Leaders will be able to give you specific information about the club. Please feel free to reach out to them for more information. If you have questions or need help finding a club that fits your needs please contact the Extension office and we will be happy to help you. 

Scroll down to see club directories.

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Step 3: Enroll

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Step 3: Enroll

To become a 4-H member you must enroll on 4-H Online

The cost for 4-H membership is $40 thanks to a generous donation from the Dallas County Farm Bureau and Mahaska County Extension Council. You may pay the fee online as part of the enrollment process or submit cash/check to the Extension Office. There is financial assistance available through the Iowa 4-H Foundation. Please reach out if you need financial assistance. 

Below are enrollment help sheets to assist with the enrollment process.

The deadline to re-enroll for previous 4-H members is January 1, 2024 to be eligible for the 2024 Dallas County Iowa Fair. All NEW members must enroll by May 15, 2024.

What is 4-H?

4-H is a program for any youth in 4th-12th grade with an interest in leadership development and learning life skills such as communication, teamwork, citizenship, civic engagement, and responsibility. 4-H is supported by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and over 100 local volunteers who serve as leaders, superintendents, and members of various committees.

Who can join 4-H?

4th-12th grade is eligible to join a club in Dallas County. You do not have to live in the country or on a farm to participate. 4-H is available to all youth. Youth in grades K-3 are eligible to join Clover Kids. Information on Clover Kids is below.

Iowa 4-H Mission

4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential through youth-adult partnerships and research-based experiences.

Iowa 4-H Vision

Preparing Iowa's youth to be successful, contributing members of society.

Clover Kids

What is Clover Kids

Clover Kids is a fun 4-H program specifically designed for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. The overall purpose of Iowa 4-H Clover Kids program is to foster the development of life skills that are essential for the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical maturation of kindergarten through third graders by providing a unique age-appropriate education opportunity.

What do Clover Kids do? 
  • Investigate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
  • Explore literacy through fun and engaging ways to read and write.
  • Learn the importance of being healthy and physically active.
  • Practice communication skills and learn to work as a team.
  • Play fun cooperative games and make new friends. 
How do I enroll for Clover Kids? 

All Clover Kids need to enroll through 4-H Online. The cost for Clover Kids is $25. Below is the help guides to enroll in Clover Kids. 

New Family Enrollment Guide 

Re-Enrollment Family Guide

4-H Club Directory

You can select a club that fits your child's needs or schedule. 


Adams Arrows

Leader: Brent Schwennker

County Council

Leader: Rebecca Smith

Dallas County Saddlelites

Leader: Jennifer Adkins

Heartland Warriors

Leader: Leann Reiste

Machine Magicians

Leader: Rebecca Smith

Dallas Center
Silver Spurs

Leader: Andrea Cheney

Sugar Grove Sunshine 

Leader: Adrian Richardson

The Blue Ribbon Riders 

Leader: Kerrin Andrle

Wild Finders 

Leader: Melissa Wyatt


Grimes Go-Getters 

Leader: Anne Kujac Schlieman

Dallas County Aggies

Leader: Jordan Travis

Minburn 4-H Club

Leader: Bailey Luellen

Best of Union 

Leader: Heather Godwin-Pote

West Des Moines
Boone Progressors 

Leader: Erin Turner

Dallas County Innovators

Leader: Natausha Jean


Clover Kids Club Directory



Classy Clever Clovers

Leader: Brent Schwennker

Dallas County Aggies Clovers

Leader: Marcy Conover

Dallas Center
Sugar Grove Clovers

Leader: Melissa Wyatt

Granger Clover Kids

Leader: Heidi Hall

Grimes Clover Kids

Leader: Ashley Burns

Minburn Clover Kids

Leader: Bailey Luellen

Perry Clover Kids

Leader: Laura Espinoza

Best of Union Clover Kids

Leader: Amanda Hitchcock

Clover Leaf Kids of Waukee

Leader: Martha Van Leeuwen

West Des Moines
Creative Clovers

Leader: Allison Bradley

If your family needs assistance selecting a club please contact the Dallas County Extension Office and we will be happy to assist you in the process.