Terry Torneten

Region 12 Extension Director
Kathy Thul

Kathy Thul

Office Manager

David Brown

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life

Tim Christensen

Extension Farm Management Specialist

Pasture economics, crops and livestock insurance, livestock economics, crop/livestock econ related to manure, run-off, etc., livestock marketing, farmland and building leasing, CSR2 (corn suitability rating)

Carol Ehlers photo

Carol Ehlers

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Finance

Financial Management for individuals and families including spending plans, budgeting for your needs, consumer decision-making, dealing with credit and debt, and planning for your future - savings, insurance, and retirement.

Julie Hlas

Julie Hlas

External Relations Specialist
(712) 274-0048
Erika Lundy

Erika Lundy

Beef Field Specialist
641-745-5902 or 641-743-8412

Beef Production Management

Ann Parker

Ann Parker

Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness
(515) 204-3397

Earl McAlexander

Youth Program Specialist
Shawn Shouse photo

Shawn Shouse

Agricultural Engineer Field Specialist
Office 712-769-2650 Cell : 712-250-0135

Agricultural Engineering

Dave Stender

Dave Stender

Extension Swine Program Specialist

Animal welfare assessment or auditing, niche markets, housing and ventilation, local foods, manure management and utilization, meat products and processing, pork quality, production management software, record systems, swine reproduction, risk management education, pork quality assurance - PQA+ producer education, pork quality assurance - PQA+ site assessments, TQA (trucker quality assurance), MAC program (manure applicator certification), county fair derby programs, state fair derby programs

Mike Witt

Field Agronomist

corn management, soybean management, soil fertility, plant diseases, weed management, precision agriculture, CSR2 (corn suitability rating), soil surveys, tillage systems

Jon Wolseth

Jon Wolseth

Community Development Specialist

Latino community development, Latino business development and civic engagement.

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