Structured for Success

Read and view monthly reports from the Structured for Success committee formed in September 2018. The overarching goal is to determine how ISU Extension and Outreach can effectively educate and serve Iowans and how our organizational structure impacts our ability to do so.

Archived: Agendas, Notes, Videos

Internal Communications Task Force: Updates on Progress

Structured for Success Committee Contacts

John Lawrence, Vice President for Extension and Outreach
Bob Dodds, Assistant Vice President for Extension and Outreach County Services
Terry Maloy, Executive Director, Iowa Extension Council Association
Jamie David, Taylor County Council
Lori Donahoe, Johnson County Council
Paul Gieselman, Louisa County Council
Molly Hewitt, County Director, Woodbury County
Katharinna Bain, County Director, Keokuk County
Cheryl Heronemus, Regional Director, Region 1 - Northwest Iowa
Larry Tranel, Dairy Specialist, Northeast Iowa

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