Carryover Analysis

Spreadsheet to calculate carryover in Iowa counties as stated in Iowa Code.

Carryover and Budget Amendment Worksheet.xlsx, Updated March 27, 2023

Zoom Recording - Carryover and Amending Budgets, March 23, 2022

176A.8  Powers and duties of county agricultural extension council.

13.  To carry over unexpended county agricultural extension education funds into the next year so that funds will be available to carry on the program until such time as moneys received from taxes are collected by the county treasurer. However, the unencumbered funds in the county agricultural extension education fund in excess of one-half the amount expended from the fund in the previous year shall be paid over to the county treasurer. The treasurer of the extension council with the approval of the council may invest agricultural extension education funds retained by the council and not needed for current expenses in the manner authorized for treasurers of political subdivisions under section 12C.1.