Budget Instructions

Budget Instructions:

C.S.11.3.20 Budget Instructions - Extension Districts FY22

Iowa Department of Management (IDOM) - Ag Extension Instructions -  includes when to click Propose and Adopt

Iowa Department of Management - Agricultural Extension Districts

Budget Tools:

Use this checklist to ensure all steps in the county budgeting processes are completed according to timelines:
C.S.11.5.20.FY20 Budget Management Process Checklist_FINAL.xlsx

Use these nine steps to complete fiscal year 2022
C.S.11.2020 Nine Basic Steps to Complete Fiscal Year 2022

Use this sample guide for IDOM entry screens. The lines in IDOM are numbered by revenue and expense entry fields. Referring to the key at the top of the document will assist when budget numbers are placed into the IDOM cells.
Budget Worksheet Key-Example FY21 Johnson County

Budget publication days calculator tool
C.S.1.29.2020 Publication Days Calculator.xlsx