Grant Writing 101 Workshop

How can I find and write successful grant applications?

Grant Writing 101 is offered for groups and provides hands-on training in seeking and writing successful grant applications.  The 3-hour, beginner-level program is intended for representatives of nonprofit organizations, local governments, and schools. 

The workshop covers topics such as:

  • Challenges of seeking and using grant funding
  • Project planning
  • Identifying potential funders
  • Parts of a grant application
  • Tips for success

Jane Nolan Goeden



Participants are encouraged to bring laptops, iPads or other tablet devices in order to explore various online resources during the program. (For this reason, the venue for the program must have excellent wireless internet service.) 

The workshop is usually sponsored by a local organization like the County Extension Office, local Chamber of Commerce, or the County Economic Development Office.  The fee for the workshop is $750, which includes all participant workshop materials and instructor travel.  For more information about the workshop, contact Jane Goeken at


Video of Program Details