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September 6, 2018

In September and October, ISU Extension and Outreach’s Iowa Government Finance Initiative is offering three-hour workshops for local elected, appointed officials (finance, planning, and economic development), and other stakeholders on issues relating to public finance and community and economic development.

August 15, 2018

ISU Extension and Outreach's Office of State and Local Government Programs is offering four-hour training sessions on administration and accounting for municipal clerks and finance officers at six locations throughout the state in the month of October.

Featured Projects

CED Specialists Bring Place-based Leadership Training to Communities

Research has shown that “[i]f our communities are to adapt, prosper, and retain decision-making capabilities, it is essential that local leadership capacity be developed (Brennan, 2013).”

“Community leadership is a specific form of the general concept of leadership. It is frequently based in place and so is local, although it can also represent a community of common interest, purpose or practice....In many localities, it is provided by a combination of local volunteers, business, and government and is best served by what is called ‘place management,’ i.e., a combination within a region of government resources, professional and business skills and the energies of the local community. (Sorenson and Epps, 1996:115–117; Osborne and Gaebler, 1993).”

In response to such findings, Leading Communities: A Place-Based Leadership Program is being rolled out across Iowa to revive community engagement and participation.

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