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4-H/FFA Livestock Exhibitors
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  • 4-H/FFA Feeder Lamb Pen Packet
  • 4-H/FFA Scramble Calf Program
    • Who can be involved? You, the 4H'er (Clay County 4-H/FFA beef project members who are new to the beef project or Clay County 4-H/FFA members interested in raising and showing market beef) and Donor Partners (Area Beef Producers, Former or experienced 4-H & FFA beef project members or Individuals interested in serving as mentors). It is a partnership... Mentors and 4-H members working together. 
    • How can you get involved?
      1. Choose a partner or ask the ISU Extension and Outreach Clay County office to help find you a partner.
      2. Create a partnership.
      3. Select a calf with your partner.
      4. Designate your calf as a scramble calf at beef weigh-in.
      5. Care for your calf and train it to lead.
    • What forms are involved in the Scramble Calf Project?
      1. 2022 Partnership agreements
      2. 2022 Sponsor Information
      3. 2022 Scramble Calf Financial Form
      4. Sample Scramble Calf record book
      5. All partnership agreements must be completed and turned into the ISU Extension and Outreach Clay County office

4-H/FFA Livestock Exhibitor Checklists and Disclosure Forms

The following information is necessary. Please download and read/complete it. 

The following document is for all youth going through an auction:

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    Clay County 4-H - Non-Livestock: Achievement Fair
    Clay County 4-H - Non-Livestock: Clay County Fair
    District Exhibitors at the Clay County Fair - Non-Livestock

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