Tenysa Handrock

Office Assistant

Mallory Jamison

County Director/Youth Coordinator (4-H)

Debbie Haub

Child and Adult Care Food Program Coordinator

Nutrition in Child Care Homes and Public Listing of Registered Child Care Providers on CACFP

Rachel McCoy

Child and Adult Care Food Program Assistant/Office Assistant

Brenda Streeter

Nutrition Education Program Coordinator

Nutrition Education in Clarke and Murray Schools

Brooke Blessington

Regional Director for Region 18

Jennie Hargrove

Youth Program Specialist
(641) 342-3316

4-H and Youth Development and Shooting Sports

Kim Brantner

Family Life Human Sciences Specialist
(712) 249-0258

Barb Fuller

Nutrition and Health Human Sciences Specialist
(712) 789-2449

Sandra McKinnon

Family Finance Human Sciences Program Specialist
(712) 355-2067

Lynn Adams

Communities Field Specialist
(712) 623-5521 or (712) 309-2132


Steve Adams

Communities Field Specialist
(712) 623-5521 or (712) 309-1830 Cell

Community Resource Development

Chris Clarke

Beef Field Specialist

Beef cow nutrition, heifer development, cow reproduction and calving, estrus synchronization, bull reproduction breeding soundness, weaning management and preconditioning, genetics and selection, health management, handling facilities and housing, feedlot nutrition, marketing, facilities and housing, feedlot health management, implants and feed additives, carcass grads and value based marketing, pasture and forage management, grazing management, cost analysis and herd records, water quality, alternative beef systems, identification systems and traceability, animal behavior, animal welfare assessment and auditing

Joe Hannan

Commercial Horticulture Field Specialist
(515) 993-4281

Fruit and Vegetable Production and Management

Patrick Hatting

Farm Management Field Specialist
(712) 769-2650

Agricultural Economics

Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson

Swine Field Specialist
(515) 291-9287 (cell)

Swine production systems, Breeding and Genetics, Reproduction, Nutrition, Management, Housing, Manure and Waste Management, Herd Health, Marketing and Pork quality

Lee Kilmer

Dairy Field Specialist


Natasha Neal

External Relations/Public Relations Specialist

Aaron Saeugling

Field Agronomist


Shawn Shouse

Agricultural Engineering Field Specialist
712-769-2650 or 712-250-0135 Cell

Agricultural Engineering

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