Youth Programs

School Programs

These programs are provided to schools across Cerro Gordo County.  Contact Michelle or Maya about getting a program started in your school. 


Kids in the Kitchen 

Kids in the Kitchen is a program for youth in grades kindergarten - 5th grade.  This seven lesson program teaches students about kitchen safety, proper handwashing, and information about the five food groups on MyPlate.  During each lesson students try a variety of foods by make a recipe related to the topic. 

Child cutting a kiwi


Income / free and reduce lunch guidelines apply. 

Pick a Better Snack

Pick a Better Snack is provided to 2nd grade students across Cerro Gordo County.  This program aims to help students eat more fruits and vegetables by bringing fresh samples into classrooms for students to try.  They also learn how these fruits and vegetables grow, tasty ways they can eat them, and why they are good for us to eat.  


To learn more about the fruits and vegetables students learn about in class, check out our monthly videos and newsletters below under Eating Healthy with Michelle.


Real Money. Real World

Real Money. Real World is a financial literacy program for students in 9th-12th grade.  It is an interactive, hands-on experience providing students the opportunity to make simulated lifestyles and budget choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis.  


Ricochet: An Extreme Leadership Adventure 

When you are on the move.  Full of energy.  Unpredictable!  You are ready for whatever comes your way.  That is the sign of a true leader. 

Ricochet is a youth leadership program designed for middle-school aged youth in 6th-8th grade.  Youth will participate in interactive and educational activities to discover and develop skills in leadership, communication, decision making, and stress management. 



We are here to help. 


Maya Rowe 

County Youth Coordinator 



Michelle Schubert

K-12 Youth Program Assistant


Eating Healthy with Michelle

Eating Healthy with Michelle / Pick a Better Snack program is provided by ISU Extension and Outreach in Cerro Gordo County to youth across Cerro Gordo County. 

Each month youth learn about a variety of fruits and vegetables including how they grow, how to eat them, and their health benefits.  

To learn about fruits and vegetable check out these videos and newsletters. 

Introduction Video


Additional Resources:
Iowa Department of Public Health - Pick a Better Snack 
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach - Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Contact: Michelle Schubert