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The emerald ash borer has not yet been found in Cerro Gordo county. For information, click here.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach: Cerro Gordo County

ISU Extension in Cerro Gordo County serves Iowans through five program areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Business and Industry, Communities, Families, 4-H Youth Development.
ISU Extension in Cerro Gordo County serves as a resource to individuals and groups through publications, local workshops, and other programs.


WE ARE HIRING-- County Extension Director/ Agriculture and Natural Resources Coordinator-- find more information by clicking this here.         
**4-H Summer Bus Trip- August 1 Grades Completed 4-8
             Cavalier Bus
**Fall Master Gardener Bus Trip- October 18 **

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North Iowa Fair: July 18-21, 2019   -   North Iowa Fair 2019 4-H and FFA Handbook
Iowa State Fair:  August 8-18, 2019   

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County News

North Iowa Fair
July 17, 2019

 North Iowa Fair - Office Hours 7-15 thru 7-19-19   (Office is Open Tuesday, 7-16-19 ONLY)  -----  COME SEE US AT THE FAIR

Emerald Ash Borer
July 16, 2019

Treatment options for emerald ash borer and protecting ash trees from this invasive pest.

Laurie Nowatzke
July 16, 2019
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Japanese Beetle
July 15, 2019

Control Japanese Beetles

Many times the Japanese Beetles, are confused with False Japanese beetles or Sand Chafers, which usually don't cause economic damage in crops.

Bell Pepper
July 11, 2019

Bell Peppers

emerald ash borer.

Featured "At Work for Iowa" article

How to Handle Emerald Ash Borer

11 videos: ISU Extension and Outreach specialists share tips for deciding on treatment options for emerald ash borer and protecting ash trees from this invasive pest.  

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