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We Want You! Now Hiring
January 25, 2019

Come join us at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Cedar County this summer!  We are looking for two organized and energentic staff to coordinate and lead our Summer Camps and Programs.  We need staff for 30 hours a week, 10 weeks - starting in May and going thru July.  Applications are due February 22 by 4pm.

November 11, 2017

The Cedar County Extension Council is now accepting requests by 4-H members, clubs, and county groups for grants from the Cedar County 4-H Endowment fund.

Clover Chatter, What's Up Wednesday?, and updated information

Cedar County 4-H Information

Cedar County 4-H Livestock Information for all Species

  • 2019 YQCA Information - All youth who will be exhibiting beef, dairy (cattle and goats), meat goats, poultry, rabbits, sheep and swine at the Cedar County or Iowa State Fair are required to complete YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) certification prior to July 1.  

  • Rabbit Information

    • 4-H and FFA Rabbit Workshop, March 30, 2019
    • Iowa State 4-H Rabbit website (Project info., Showmanship, and other resources)
    • Looking for a local ARBA rabbit groups or more opportunities that are "4-H Friendly" to show and learn?  Google these:  Cedar Rapids Rabbit Breeders, Mississippi Valley Rabbit Breeders, Southeast Rabbit Breeders
    • Take the 2017 Showmanship Test to practice for Fair 2018!
    • ARBA National Show - ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) is the national club for rabbit and cavy breeders.  This national club sets the official breed standards for the rabbit and cavy breeds.  Every few years ARBA publishes a detailed guide, the Standard of Perfection.

      Each year ARBA members organize a national show where rabbit and cavy breeds compete.  This national show is held within the United States and ARBA members travel to exhibit their rabbits and cavies from all parts of the world.  In 2017, the ARBA national show was held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds with over 20,000 entries.  ARBA members entered the 2018 national show in West Springfield, Massachusetts October 27 – 31 with over 16,000 rabbits and cavies.  At the national shows not only do members exhibit their rabbits and cavies for best of breeds and best in show but they also participate in youth contests, breed meetings, standard of perfection updates, policy revisions and award ceremonies.  Many Iowa adults and youth attend and volunteer at the national shows.

      Follow this year’s national show on the ARBA website (https://www.arba.net/) at the bottom of the page. Also follow Ellyn Eddy, who created a video version (and created her own rabbit book business called Rabbit Smarties) of the ARBA national in Indianapolis, Indiana - the site of the 2017 ARBA nationals.

    • In 2016 ARBA revised their qualifications for meat pens and single fryer weights. Since 2016, the Iowa State Fair 4H and FFA rabbit shows have followed the ARBA guidelines for meat pen and single fryers to increase the weights by 1/2 pound.   Single fryers are to be 5 ½ pounds each.  Since a meat pen consists of 3 rabbits, the total weight for a meat pen would equal 16 1/2 pounds.  Examples of meat pens that would qualify for the new revised qualifications include most Commercial Breeds and some Fancy Breeds that reach these weights at 69 days of age.  Examples of breeds may include but are not limited to Californian, New Zealand, Champagne D'Argent, Creme D' Argent, Satin, American Sable, and Standard Rex. Meat pens are judged on meat type, condition, uniformity and fur.

  • Horse Information


  • Beef Information

    • 2018 IJBBA Beed Requirements 

    • Cedar County Market Beef Carcass Contest sponsored by the Cedar County Cattlemen - all calves needed to be weigh-in in at the Dec. 15 weigh-in; Calves will be checked in on Sunday, July 14, followed by live show, and loading out at 1:30pm; Results will be shared at a later date with Premium being paid to the Top 5 ($150, $125, $100, $75, $50);  Calves are not required to be halter broke for the live show on Sunday but it would be nice.  These calves may also be shown in the Market Beef Show on Saturday.

  • Bottle Bucket Information (new information for 2019 coming)

    • 4-H  Information Packet, Open Class Information Packet

    • 4-H Bottle Bucket ID must be completed in 4hOnline, Open Class Bottle Bucket ID form must be turned in to the office

    • 4-H Written Form - Needs to be completed for all levels - Junior, Intermediate, And Senior and brought to interview

    • Bottle Bucket Interview Schedule

Cedar County Non Livestock Information

FairEntry Helpsheet

  • 2019 Conference Judging Day Schedule:

        8:15 am         Harmony Hustlers
        9:15 am         Center Ring Leaders
        10:15 am       Inland 4-H
        11:15 am       Sugar Creek Challengers
        Noon             Break for Lunch
        1:00 pm         New Horizons (also all other 4-H or FFA members)
        1:30 pm         Springdale Wildcats
        2:15 pm         Lowden Lasers
        3:00 pm         Pork Center Pioneers

  • You need the following on each of your exhibits when you attend conference judging day.
    • General Exhibit Form (required for all exhibits)
    •        Photography Label (required for all Photos)

   2019 Communication - Schedule for June xx, 2019 at Prairie Hills Assisted Living.  Find helpful resources from the Iowa State Fair Communications website here.


Cedar County 4-H Leader Information 


Club Monthly Reports 

  • Center Ring Leaders
  • Clever Canines
  • Harmony Hustlers
  • Inland 4-H
  • Lowden Lasers
  • New Horizons
  • Pork Center Pioneers
  • Springdale Wildcats
  • Sugar Creek Challengers


Statewide Resources

  • Join a 4-H club where you can learn about your interests while having fun, improving your communication skills, and serving your community. These are resources to make your club experience even better.

  • Your adventure in 4-H starts here. Choose from nearly 50 project areas and discover your skills, talents and interests.

  • Discover the world of animal science from breeding, nutrition and general care to food safety and management. Find statewide forms, trainings and activity sheets here.

  • Conference Logo

    Every June, almost 900 teenagers converge on the campus of Iowa State University for 3 days full of speakers, workshops, mixers, dances, a banquet, and community service activities. 

  • Youth and teens can discover opportunities to be recognized for personal growth, project learning, leadership and citizenship. 

  • Clover Kids is a FUN 4-H program for children in kindergarten through third grade. Children participate in hands-on activities designed to build many life skills!

  • 4-H Equation

    Addresses youths’ basic needs through the eight essential elements: caring adults, safe environments, inclusive settings, and opportunities for mastery, service, self-determination, planning for the future and engaged learning.

  • Provides financial resources to develop and deliver quality 4-H youth programs and opportunities throughout the state of Iowa.

  • Iowa 4-H Volunteers are motivated by positive purposes in helping youth become caring, competent, and contributing members of their family and communities. Discover the resources you need to be most effective.

  • Provides opportunities for youth to demonstrate, learn and apply project and communication skills. Every year the 4-H Exhibits Building features well over 3,000 exhibits and Livestock shows engage more than ## youth.

  • A partner and leader in providing positive youth development through out-of-school programming. Outreach priorities include curriculum development, staff training, and partnership development.

  • A unique partnership between AmeriCorps and Iowa's Promise. The vision is that all Iowa youth have safe and supportive families, schools and communities and that they are healthy, socially competent, successful in school and prepared for a productive adulthood.

  • When you just don't know who to talk to, Teenline can help.

    • 1-800-443-8336
    • 1-800-735-2942
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