Manure Applicator Certification Programs

Commercial Manure Applicators Trainings

LQ or Dry Manure 

Call 712-732-5056 to schedule a reshow.

Confinement Manure Applicators Trainings

Call 712-732-5056 to schedule a reshow.

Online Manure Applicator Certification

Commercial and Confinement applicators have another option, online certification, which allows an applicator to take their training on-line at DNR MAC eLearning site. The applicator will need to sign-in and get an account (instructions listed on the site).

Once the applicator has successfully done all the modules, they will be instructed on how to obtain their certificate and to pay for their certification.

Each applicator wanting to receive their instruction this way will need a computer. Only one person will get credit, so if more than one person “watches” the program, the person who signed in will get certified.

Manure Applicator Recertification - Reshow Policy

Reshows of the training will be done by DVD. Applicators are required to call ahead to make an appointment at least one day before to view it. There is a charge of $10 per person for reshows.

Call Kris at 712-732-5056 to make an appointment. 


Participants will receive required training for certification on safety, regulations, nutrient value, and economics of manure management. Specialized training programs are available for commercial, confinement site and dry/solid manure applicators. Visit the Iowa Manure Management Action Group website for more information.