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Economic Development

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach: Bremer County

You can rely on your dedicated Iowa State University and Bremer County Extension staff for unbiased, research based information and educational services. We emphasize healthy people, healthy environments, and healthy local economies for our Iowa citizens. Click Here to see our new video: “HOW DO WE BENEFIT BREMER CITIZENS”   Click here to watch our Barn Quilt Video.  Click here for our new Barn Quilt Map.

Sept-Nov 1 – 4-H member re-enrollment
Oct 7-13 – National 4-H Week
Oct 9 - Radon in the Home, 12-1pm, Chickasaw Medical Center, New Hampton
Oct 9 – Building Financial Security for Educators and School Personnel, 4:15-6:15pm, ISEA Training Room, 203
              E Tower Park Dr, Waterloo
Oct 17 - Aquatic, Forest, and Right-of-Way Pest Management, 9am, Extension Office, Tripoli
Oct 25 - Mosquito/Public Health Pest Control, 9 am, Extension Office, Tripoli
Nov 5 - Finance of Caregiving, 1-3pm, Sumner Library
Nov 7 - Ornamental and Turfgrass Applicators Training, 9am, Extension Office, Tripoli
Nov 10 - Seasonal Wreath Making, 10-11:30am, Oelwein Library
Nov 12 - Finance of Caregiving, 1-3pm, Sumner Library
Nov 13 - Commercial and Private Fumigators Training, Extension Office, Tripoli
Nov 14 - Commercial Ag Weed, Insect, and Plant Disease Management, Extension Office, Tripoli
Nov 14 - Extension Council Meeting, 7pm, Extension Office, Tripoli
Nov 17 - Seasonal Wreath Making, 9-11am, Denver Library
Nov 19 - Finance of Caregiving, 1-3pm, Sumner Library
Nov 22 & 23 – Extension Office Closed for Holiday
Nov 26 - Finance of Caregiving, 1-3pm, Sumner Library
Nov 27 - Finance of Caregiving, 1-3pm, Sumner Library

County News

September 17, 2018

For the 76th consecutive year, millions ofyouth, parents, volunteers and alumniacross the country will celebrateNational 4-H Weekfrom October 7-13. This year's theme, Inspire Kids to Do, is a campaign that will give kids more opportunities to do, empowering them with the skills they need to succeed in life and career.

September 11, 2018

Improve your personal finance knowledge, skills and confidence and prepare yourself as a professional to address financial literacy in our schools!

September 11, 2018

Being a family caregiver comes with many responsibilities.

August 10, 2018

The results are in, take a minute and see how everyone did at the 2018 Fair.

July 24, 2018

Back in 1918, Bremer County Extension began to serve the emerging needs of our rural and urban citizens…..the same focus today.

Featured "At Work for Iowa" article

Building Healthy Relationships

When a couple has a strong, stable relationship, they can build a healthy foundation for their family. That’s the message of Healthy Relationship Education Training. ISU Extension and Outreach recently offered the training to Iowa State ROTC students who will serve as leaders in the military after graduation.

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