County Fair

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Boone County Fair as a 4-H or FFA member.  This page has all the information that exhibitors will need to show at the Boone County Fair.  

Boone County Fairbook

4-H/FFA Boone County Fair Entry

Check out how to make 4-H & FFA entries for the Boone County Fair. 

Animal and Fashion Day Entry - Due July 1st

Fair Entry

Livestock/Small Animals Entries and Fashion Day Entries are due July 1st at 11:59 pm.

Online Market Animal Exhibitor Fund Entries from eligible exhibitors are due in FairEntry by July 1st at 11:59 pm.  Photo of exhibitor or project is required with entry in order to participate. 

Each County Fair Exhibitor will receive one free exhibitor shirt sponsored by Farm Credit Services of America.  Extra exhibitor shirts must be pre-ordered through FairEntry by July 1st.  Just add the shirt size and number of shirts ordered in FairEntry, like you would an fair entry.  Shirts are $11 each and can be paid via credit card through FairEntry.  Shirts are not available until the begining of fair.

Please read exhibitor eligibility rules to see if you are eligible to participate in the exhibitor fund once per species. 

Late Entries will be charged $5 for every business day late and must be made at the Extension Office.

No Late Horse Entries will be accepted.


Instructions for making entries

Static Exhibit Entry - Due July 14      Communication Day - Due June 15

Fair Entry

Static Exhibit Entries are due July 14th at 11:59 pm. Static Exhibits will be pre-entered before judging day. Exhibit tags will be available at Check in on judging day.  

Communications Day Entries are due June 15  

Instructions for making entries

Volunteering/Club Fair Responsibilities

We need your help to make the fair run smoothly.  Please consider volunteering.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Fair Volunteer Sign up

Club Fair Responsibilities
 Pre & Post Fair Clean Up       4-H Foodstand       Hosting Community Building

Animal Information

Check out information about any required trainings or paperwork that you will need to exhibit animals.  

YQCA Training

YQCA (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals) Training - must be completed for 4-H exhibitors showing beef, sheep, swine, poultry, rabbits, dairy cattle, dairy and meat goats by July 1st.  

Animal Care / Disclosure Forms (Drug Affidavits)
Exhibitor Letters (Please read BEFORE bringing animals to fair)
Animal Resources
Online Market Animal Exhibitor Fund


Marshall King Scholarship Application - Due July 1st

Horse Information

Boone County Fair Open Show - July 20, 2024

4-H Rules and Regulations for 4-H Equine Shows in Iowa 

Boone County Fair Patterns:


NEW in 2024!
YQH (Youth for Quality Horsemanship): Each horse project member is required to attend one of the designated Friday evening horse workouts (May 10, 31, June 14, 28) at the fairgrounds horse arena and complete all of the required safety topics/exercises. It is the responsibility of the 4-H member to turn in their completed verification card to the extension office before the July 1 deadline. 
Boone County horse exhibitors should bring their horse, tack and helmet and be ready to begin at 6:00 pm on one of the designated dates listed above.  A parent/guardian must also be present.  If you have any questions regarding YQH, please contact Dawn at or 515-432-3882 ext 2.


The Boone County 4-H Horse Committee is offering workouts every Friday evening at the Boone County Fairgrounds Horse Arena beginning April 19 (weather and arena conditions permitting).  These workouts are open to all Boone County 4-H horse project members planning to exhibit a horse at the Boone County Fair.  Please be saddled and ready to ride at 6:00 pm.  Parent/guardian must stay for the entirety of the workout.  Helmets are REQUIRED.


4-H Horse and Pony Project

Equine Extravaganza

Static Exhibits

Discover all the helpful resources available to assist you in exhibiting static exhibits.  

Exhibit Needs
Exhibit Resources


Communications Day Resources
Educational Presentations

Educational Presentations Report Form

Educational Presentation Evaluation Form


Extemporaneous Speaking

Extemporaneous Speaking Evaluation Form


Public Speaking

Public Speaking Evaluation Form


Other Resources

Pieces to a Presentation Puzzle

Score with Your Posters

Guide to Evaluating Electronic 4-H Presentations

Public Speaking Pointers

Fashion Day Resources

Fashion Day Report Form 

Fashion Day Report Form for Savvy Shopper

Judge's Evaluation Form

Checking Out Ready to Wear

Writing a Clothing Event Commentary

Design: Exploring the Elements and Principles in Clothing

Iowa State Fair 4-H Awardrobe Event Information


Fair Results 

Fair Photos

Photos: Please do NOT tag people or comment on any photos, or they will be removed.  THANK YOU!

Boone County Fair Photos - Posted on our Facebook page


2023 Results


Beef Pen of 3 and Herd Builder

Cat - Small Pet - Exotic

Dairy Cattle

Dairy Goat

Dog - Obedience, Rally and Showmanship

Dog Agility

Meat Goat





Fashion Day, Communications Day and Static Exhibits

Iowa State Fair Selected Exhibits

Horse (229.35 KB)


Animal ID

Animal ID Rules
  • All animals that are part of your 4-H projects must be identified in 4HOnline by May 15. 
  • 4-H - Instructions to enter livestock in 4HOnline.
  • FFA identify animals through Boone County Fair Entry by May 15th
  • FFA - Instructions to identify animals in FairEntry 
  • Reminder that animals can not be identified under both 4-H and FFA.  The animal can only be identified under one organization.  
  • If you need assistance with the online process, please contact Natalie to request an appointment by calling 515-432-3882 or emailing
  • Fair exhibits can be selected only from the animals identified. 
  • Check your fairbook for specific species rules for ID.
  • Rabbit ID's are due by July 1st.  
  • If an animal is owned by someone other than a family member, a lease is required and due to the Extension Office by May 15.


Boone County requires 4 full color photos of each horse including the front side, rear side, left side and right side uploaded in 4HOnline by May 15.  If you need assistance uploading photos you must notify us before May 15. 


All animal ID's are due by May 15, no late ID's will be accepted.

Lease Agreements

Animal Lease Agreement

Horse Lease Agreement

FFA Animal ID

FFA members identify animals through Boone County Fair Entry by May 15th FFA - Instructions to identify animals in FairEntry