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Black Hawk County Fair

Black Hawk County 2022 Fair Photos 

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2023 Fair Dates: July 17th - July 22nd 

Fair photos

2022 Fair Photos

Foods for Iowa 4-H Fair Guide 

Document Foods for Iowa 4-H Fair Link

Plan ahead for a successful fair experience. Use these guidelines to help select an acceptable product for exhibit, find an approved recipe source, and identify the appropriate preparation method.

Exhibitor Information

Static Exhibits

General Static Exhibitors 

Preparing for Fair
Source Citing 
Elements & Principles of Design 
Food & Nutrition 
Poster Communication Project 




Awardrobe Clothing Events
4-Her's, Consider entering a Fashion Revue, $15 Challenge or Fashion Revue and get on the runway at the Iowa State Fair!
Awardrobe Information from the State 


Tips for Fashion and $15 Challenge: 



Communication Events 
Communication - Working Exhibits 





Livestock Exhibits 

General Livestock Exhibitors 



All 4-H/FFA animal exhibitors (4th-12th grade) must be certified in YQCA, except those exhibiting only horse, pet, and/or dog. This is required of exhibitors at county and state fair.  Must be completed by July 1, 2021

  • Drug Affidavits are required for all beef animals at fair. Remember to record all treatments given to your animals. 
  • Breeding Beef must be ID'd in 4hOnline by May 15th. If you originally weighed your' heifer in as a market heifer, the animal does NOT need to be ID'd again in 4hOnline as a breeding heifer. It just needs to be entered correctly on Fairentry. All heifers MUST have birth date listed. All heifers will need tattoos in 4hOnline to be eligible for the state fair plus one of the following: registration #, calfhood vaccination #, or 4-H ear tag - registered heifers must have registration number listed. 
Sheep and Meat Goat 
  • Drug Affidavits are required for all sheep and meat goat at fair. Remember to record all treatments given to your animals
  • All market lambs, commercial breeding ewes, and state fair sheep, as well as all market meat goats, state fair meat goats, and breeding does does must attend weigh-in
  • Breeding does with tattoos do not need a 4-H tag but can put one in if preferred. Birth dates are required for all breeding does. Please bring birth date information at weigh-in for those attending. 
  • All state fair sheep and meat goat need to attend weigh-in to be retinal imaged for eligibilty
  • ID animals in 4hOnline by May 15
  • All sexually intact sheep and goats must have scrapies tag in the ear by fair time. 
  • If you are a new swine exhibitor, you will need to a Premise ID#. Contact the office for help.
  • Drug Affidavits are required for all swine at fair. Remember to record all treatments given to your animals. 
  • Breeding gilts must be ID'd in 4hOnline by May 15th
  • You do NOT need to a show market or derby hog in order to show breeding gilts
  • Ear notches are required for all pigs 
  • State Fair Pigs: DNA punch tags are required. The deadline to identify these pigs is May 15th.
  • Premise Id Information 
  • 4hOnline ID required by May 15th 
  • Dogs and cats must have rabies vaccination records at fair 
  • Dog ID Form
  • 4hOnline ID required by May 15th
  • Tattoos required before fair
  • State fair requires it in the left ear 




Award Applications






STEM Fair at the Black Hawk County 4-H and FFA Fair,
Friday, July 21st 1:00 - 4:00pm in Estel Hall

Area families invited to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) Day at the Fair!
The Fair has gone STEM!  The Black Hawk County 4-H and FFA Fair’s annual STEM Festival on July 30th will provide fairgoers an opportunity to explore hands-on STEM activities. The Festival, to be held Friday July 21, 1 pm to 4 pm in Estel Hall on the National Cattle Congress fair grounds, is FREE to the public.

Please enter our pie contest

We would greatly appreciate your support of our 4-H Fundraiser!

Bring a Pie for donation or Buy a homemade pie!

Bring Pies to the Pepsi Pavilion, Saturday, July 22nd, 12:30-1:30pm to be judged. Or buy a pie at Family Picnic in the Pepsi Pavilion starting at 4:00pm! Fun for all! Open to the Public!
Questions call 319-234-6811 READ MORE!