Returning to the Farm Seminar

Returning to the Farm (formerly known as Ag Link) is a series of hands-on workshops for multigenerational farms. Topics include conflict resolution, goal setting, business analysis, estate planning, farm planning, and management, which are viewed differently because of distinct and sometimes conflicting goals and endowments of capital, labor, technical knowledge, and management expertise. ISU Juniors and Seniors have the ability to apply for course credit for this seminar. For more information on these seminars call 1-877-BFC-1999.

You'll discuss

  • Setting the guideposts
  • Multiple generation farm families: living and working together
  • Strategic business planning
  • Farm business planning
  • Estate planning

This program will

  • Provide general information necessary to plan entry into existing farm operations
  • Furnish a resource packet with worksheets, exercises, and pertinent information
  • Offer an opportunity for students and their families to discuss issues related to farm transfer

Discover how to address major issues that can lead to failure in a multiple generation farm business. Find out whether an existing operation is large enough to support an additional partner. Uncover alternatives for transfer of farm assets.

See Agenda for costs and other information.

Up to 2 credit hours available for ISU students!