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Do you want to retire from or start into farming?
Farmers TalkingThe Ag Link Program can help. New opportunities added for beginning farmers.


Planning the Future of Farmland
With around 10% of all farmland changing hands in the next few years, farm succession planning is no longer optional, it’s essential. Read the rest of the story here which was written in connection with People's Company and David Baker from the Beginning Farmer Center.

Women in Agriculture
Our website is a place where you can interact with us and other women in agriculture through our social media links. All of us share many of the same concerns and hopes for the future of agriculture and our families. You’ll find stories of successful women in agriculture to inspire you.

Change Comes to Dinner
The BeChange comes to dinner coverginning Farmer Center is featured in this new book as it talks about our efforts in helping new farmer's enter today's farm world.



Keeping it in the Family
A new book co-authored by John Baker, Beginning Farm Center,about the international perspectives on succession and retirement on family fKeeping it in the family coverarms.



View the trailer of Map of my Kingdom, a play about farmland transition that asks the question “Who’s going to get the farm?”  Many thanks to Zhenru Zhang at Iowa State University.

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