Processing Alternative Crops/Grain Quality

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Iowa Grain Quality Initiative The Iowa Grain Quality Initiative (IGQI) is a cutting edge grain quality research and information program. The interdisciplinary project performs the "rapid response function" at ISU for the grain industry. Through diverse expertise of affiliated faculty and the use of information technology, the project has addressed grain production and processing topics quickly, giving producers and agribusinesses the information needed to make business decisions. Challenges related to genetically modified grains have accelerated the use of alternative delivery systems.

Preserve the Taste of Summer - Canning and Freezing: Tomatoes

Put up tomatoes that are safe and flavorful using the USDA guidelines and tested recipes in this publication.

Includes recommended processing times and trouble-shooting tips.

Preserve the Taste of Summer - Canning: Fruit Spreads

Put up delicious, safe-to-eat fruit spreads using recipes and detailed directions in this publication. Trouble-shooting advice can help you avoid potential problems.
Preserve the Taste of Summer - Canning: Fruits Can fruits that are safe and delicious, using the recommended processing times and equipment. Typical problems and their solutions are discussed.
Preserve the Taste of Summer - Canning: Meat, Poultry, Wild Game and Fish A jar of home preserved meat is a delicious and convenient way to start a quick and easy meal. Canning meat, poultry, wild game, and fish must be done correctly to assure that food is safe to eat. Find guidelines and recipes to follow to achieve the best product.
Harvesting and Storing Vegetables Harvesting vegetables at the right stage of maturity results in nutritious, high quality products. Consumers can capture the peak flavors of asparagus, Brussels sprouts, melons, garlic, rhubarb, squash, tomatoes, sweet corn, and many other vegetables. This publication provides detailed information for storing more than 30 types of garden vegetables, including recommended storage temperatures, relative humidity, storage life for fresh vegetables, suggested methods for extended preservation, and types of storage facilities.
Preserve the Taste of Summer - Canning: Pickles Put up safe, tasty pickles with these detailed instructions. Also includes trouble-shooting advice.
Preserve the Taste of Summer - Canning: Vegetables Preserve healthy, nutritious vegetables safely using the detailed directions in this publication. Includes typical canning problems and their solutions.
Preserve the Taste of Summer - Freezing: Fruits and Vegetables Freeze fruits and vegetables at the height of freshness using the detailed directions in this publication.


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