Rental Rate Surveys
Information Files
Iowa Farmland Rental Rates (USDA) -- C2-09   
Cash Rental Rates for Iowa Survey -- C2-10    
Cash Rental Rate Mapping Tool link opens in new window -- Center for Agricultural and Rural Development
Historical County Cropland Rental Rates -- C2-11
Farm Building Rental Rate Survey -- North Central Farm Management Extension Committee
Newsletter Articles
Strong increases in cash rental rates in Iowa -- June 2021  
Slight increases in cash rental rates in Iowa -- May 2020  
Uneven changes in cash rental rates in Iowa -- May 2019  
Cash rental rates slightly up in Iowa -- May 2018  
Cash rental rates fall for a fourth consecutive year in Iowa -- May 2017  
How accurate and useful is the ISU Cash Rent Survey? -- June 2016  
Cash rental rates fall for a third consecutive year in Iowa -- May 2016  
Leasing Forms
Information Files -- Leasing Forms
Farmland Lease Annual Report -- C2-06  
Iowa Farm Lease Form -- C2-12  
Iowa Cash Rent Farm Lease (Short Form) -- C2-16  
Information Files -- Leasing Supplements
Lease Supplement for Investing in Improvements on a Rented Farm -- C2-07    
Lease Supplement for Obtaining Conservation Practices to Control Soil and Nutrient Loss -- C2-08    
Iowa Farm Lease Termination Notice -- C2-19    
Lease Supplement for Drainage -- C2-29      

Lease Agreement
Information Files
Improving Your Farm Lease Contract -- C2-01
Do I Need a Written Lease – C2-03      
Leasing and Land Ownership Terms -- C2-05    
Iowa Farm Leases: A Legal Review -- Center for Ag Law and Taxation    
Building Your Farm Resume -- C2-13      
Developing a Farm Newsletter for Landlords -- C2-14      
Survey of Iowa Leasing Practices -- C2-15      
Legal Considerations for Hunting Leases -- C2-45      
Tax Implications of a Farmland Lease -- Center for Ag Law and Taxation        
Ag Lease 101, a website from the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee, helps both land owners and land operators learn about alternative lease arrangements and includes sample written lease agreements for several alternatives.        
Newsletter Articles
Farm lease types have different risks and rewards -- July 2020  
Conservation practices and land leases -- August 2018  
Farmland leasing meetings offer leasing arrangement information -- July 2018  
Custom fit your farm lease -- December 2017  
Produce better tenant-landowner communications with a farmland lease annual report -- June 2017  
Increase leasing arrangement knowledge and communication between tenants and land owners at 2017 Farmland Leasing Meetings -- June 2017  
Farm newsletters -- are they worth the effort? -- August 2016  
Impact of ISU Extension and Outreach leasing programs -- July 2016  
Farmland leasing meetings to increase understanding of rental agreements -- June 2016  

Cash Leases
Information Files
Computing a Cropland Cash Rental Rate -- C2-20
Flexible Farm Lease Agreements -- C2-21
Flexible Cash Rent Lease Examples -- C2-22      
Computing a Pasture Rental Rate -- C2-23    
Computing a Grain Storage Rental Rate -- C2-24    
Renting Extra Grain Storage -- C2-25      
Computing a Livestock Building Cash Rental Rate -- C2-26    
Creating a Flexible Swine Building Rental Agreement -- C2-27      

Share Leases
Information Files
Crop Share Leasing Provisions -- C2-30  
Adapting Crop Share Agreements for Sustainable and Organic Agriculture -- C2-31      
Fixed Bushel Rent -- C2-32      
Beef Cow Joint Agreements -- C2-36    
Iowa Learning Farms - Talking Conservation With Your Tenant        

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