Whole Farm -- Cost & Returns

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Farm Costs and Returns -- C1-10pdf file  teaching activity  
Iowa Farm Financial Conditions in 2015 -- C1-11 pdf file      
Iowa Farms - From Strong to Vulnerable in a Year? -- C1-12 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Farm liquidity slightly up, but still subdued -- October 2019        
Financial stress in Iowa farms -- September 2017        


Budgeting and Analysis
Information Files
Farm Analysis Terms -- C1-05 pdf file teaching activity  
A Tool to Compare Land Use Alternatives -- C1-15 pdf file xlsx file    
Suggested Closing Inventory Prices -- C1-40 pdf file      
Using Financial and Production Records to Make Decisions -- C1-41 pdf file      
Operating Leverage -- C1-45 pdf file    
Partial Budgeting: A Tool to Analyze Farm Business Changes -- C1-50 pdf file xls file    
Dividing Business Income -- C4-16 pdf file xls file    
Newsletter Articles
Crop and livestock land use analyzer -- March 2015        
Payback for energy-related farm projects -- April 2012        


Information Files
Pricing for Profit -- C1-55 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Newsletter Articles
Overcoming the cash flow crunch -- September 2018        
Iowa State University economists have cautious message for farmers -- August 2013        


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