Whole Farm -- Transition and Estate Planning

Getting Started
Information Files
Getting Started in Farming: Inheriting a Farm  – C4-07 pdf file      
Getting Started in Farming: On the Home Farm -- C4-08 pdf file      
Getting Started in Farming: Part-time or Small Farms -- C4-09 pdf file      
Understanding Farm Business Transfers -- C4-10pdf file  teaching activity
Planning your Future Together -- C4-11 pdf file   teaching activity  
Critical Success Factors for Business Transfers -- C4-12 pdf file   teaching activity  
Constructing a Farm Succession Plan: Elements to Consider -- C4-17 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Seminar addresses multigenerational farm transitions -- December 2018        
Join Start to Farm, a network for new farmers -- September 2016        
Iowa State University Beginning Farmer Center is expanding programs -- July 2016        
Retirement resources for every age -- February 2015        
Getting started in farming: No path is the same -- June 2013        


Business Arrangements
Information Files
Dividing Business Income -- C4-16 pdf file xls file teaching activity  
Business Arrangements -- C4-40 pdf file   teaching activity  
Examining Your Farm Business Choices -- C4-41 pdf file teaching activity  
Wage and Incentive Agreement -- C4-42 pdf file teaching activity  
Farm Business Operating Agreement -- C4-43 pdf file teaching activity  
Enterprise Operating Agreement -- C4-44 pdf file   teaching activity  
Labor and Machinery Sharing Agreement -- C4-45 pdf file teaching activity  
Partnership -- C4-46 pdf file   teaching activity  
Corporation -- C4-47 pdf file   teaching activity  
Newsletter Articles
S corporations and the “two-year” rule -- September 2012        


Evaluating Your Estate Plan
Information Files
Federal Gift Taxes -- C4-23 pdf file      
Federal Estate Taxes -- C4-24 pdf file      
Iowa Inheritance Tax -- C4-25 pdf file      
Estate Planning Terms -- C4-50 pdf file      
Forms of Property Ownership -- C4-51 pdf file      
Business Entities -- C4-52 pdf file      
The Estate Settlement Process -- C4-53 pdf file      
Powers of Attorney and Other Forms of Substitute Decision Making -- C4-54 pdf file      
Farm Transfer Strategies -- C4-55 pdf file      
Retirement Planning for Farm Families -- C4-56 pdf file      
Estate Planning Questionnaire -- C4-57 pdf file      
Estate Planning Goals -- C4-58 pdf file      
Trusts as an Estate Planning Tool -- C4-59 pdf file      
Estate Planning Attorneys: Finding One Who Can Work For You -- C4-61 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Good farm policy: avoid these top ten estate planning mistakes -- October 2013        
Your input sought on Evaluating Your Estate Plan materials -- May 2012        
Evaluating Your Estate Plan – workshops for farm families being held in June -- May 2012        


Transferring Assets & Management
Information Files
The Farm Business Transfer Process -- C4-13 pdf file   teaching activity  
Transferring Business Management -- C4-15 pdf file   teaching activity  
Transferring Business Ownership -- C4-80 pdf file    
Income Tax Considerations of Business Transfers -- C4-81 pdf file      
Transferring Breeding Livestock -- C4-83 pdf file      
Transferring Crops and Market Livestock -- C4-84 pdf file      
Transferring Ownership of Farm Machinery -- A3-32 pdf file      


Making It Work
Information Files
Developing Good Family Business Relations -- C4-70 pdf file   teaching activity  
Improving Business Communications -- C4-71 pdf file   teaching activity  
Making Family Business Decisions -- C4-72 pdf file   teaching activity  
Designing Business Teams -- C4-73 pdf file   teaching activity  
Resolving Family and Business Conflicts -- C4-74 pdf file   teaching activity  
Developing Capable Business Managers -- C4-75 pdf file   teaching activity  
Keys to Successful Business Transfers -- C4-76 pdf file      
Are You Transferring Management? -- C4-77 pdf file      
Iowa Farm Transition Case Studies -- C4-78        
Newsletter Articles
Fairness in estate and business planning -- October 2012        
Retirement planning for farm families -- March 2012        


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