Business Development -- Starting a Business

Getting Started
Information Files
Designing a Viable Rural Economy -- C5-20pdf file   
Adding Value -- C5-01 pdf file   teaching activity  
Using Value-added Agriculture to Create a New Rural America -- C5-03 pdf file      
Should You Participate in Value-added Agriculture? -- C5-04 pdf file      
Capturing vs. Creating Value -- C5-05 pdf file      
What I’ve Learned about Value-added -- C5-45 pdf file      
What is an Entrepreneur? -- C5-07 pdf file teaching activity  
Peter Drucker and Innovation -- C5-10 pdf file      


Business Development Process
Information Files
Idea Assessment and Business Development Process -- C5-02 pdf file    
Vision and Mission Statements -- a Roadmap of Where You Want to Go and How to Get There -- C5-09 pdf file    
Business Development vs. Economic Development -- C5-13 pdf file    


Feasibility & Business Plans
Information Files
Considerations When Selecting a Consultant -- C5-60 pdf file      
When to Do and How to Use a Feasibility Study -- C5-64 pdf file      
What is a Feasibility Study? -- C5-65 pdf file      
Feasibility Study Outline -- C5-66 pdf file      
Writing a Business Plan -- C5-68 pdf file      
Create Your Own Business Plan -- C5-69 pdf file      


Contracts & Agreements
Information Files
Overview of Confidentiality Agreement -- C5-80 pdf file      
Sample One-Sided Confidentiality Agreement -- C5-81 pdf file      
Sample Mutual Confidentiality Agreement -- C5-82 pdf file      
Overview of Consulting Agreements -- C5-83 pdf file      
Sample Consulting Agreement -- C5-84 pdf file      
Overview of Letters of Intent -- C5-85 pdf file      
Sample of Letter of Intent -- C5-86 pdf file      
Overview of Uniform Marketing Agreements -- C5-87 pdf file      
Sample Uniform Marketing and Delivery Agreement -- C5-88 pdf file      


Information Files
Introduction to Grant Writing -- C5-06 pdf file xls file    
How to Use Grants -- C5-08 pdf file      
Financing Stages for Start-up Businesses -- C5-91 pdf file      
Types and Sources of Financing for Start-up Businesses -- C5-92 pdf file      
Types of Term Loan Payment Schedules -- C5-93 pdf file      
Understanding the Components of an Interest Rate -- C5-94 pdf file      
Obtaining a Business Loan -- C5-95 pdf file   teaching activity  
Understanding the Time Value of Money -- C5-96 pdf file   teaching activity  
Financial Ratios -- C5-97 pdf file      


Personnel Management
Information Files
Checklist for Iowa Agricultural Employers -- C6-58 pdf file      
Newsletter Articles
Farm employee management: do we need an employee handbook? -- May 2012        
Employee management: the job interview, and what questions can I ask? -- December 2011        
Employee management: Get the right start in hiring employees -- November 2011        


Business Organization & Structure
Information Files
Resolving Family and Business Conflicts -- C4-74 pdf file      
Forming a Viable Project Committee and Holding Successful Meetings -- C5-110 pdf file      
Top Management and Key Personnel Positions in a Business -- C5-111 pdf file      
Location, Location, Location, Value Added Processing/Manufacturing -- C5-113 pdf file xls file    
Designing Successful Business Teams -- C5-114 pdf file      
Improving Business Communication Skills -- C5-116 pdf file      


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