Business Development -- Marketing

Understanding Marketing
Information Files
Product Marketing Terms -- C5-14pdf file  teaching activity  
A Marketing Primer for Businesses -- C5-15 pdf file    
How Much Should I Spend on Marketing -- C5-16 pdf file      
Setting Your Price -- C5-17 pdf file      
Marketing Strategies -- C5-18 pdf file      
Price Determination for CSA Share Boxes -- C5-19 pdf file      


Marketing Research
Information Files
Where to Find Information for Doing Marketing and Business Studies -- C5-21 pdf file    
Marketing Research Tools -- C5-22 pdf file    
Marketing Research - Finding the Best Consultant to Hire -- C5-24 pdf file      
Do You Know Your Customer? -- C5-25 pdf file      
Finding Your Facts - A Quick Guide to Developing a Questionnaire -- C5-26 pdf file      
Understanding Consumers -- C5-27 pdf file      
Conducting a Competitive Analysis - Is there Room for Your Business? -- C5-29 pdf file      
Conducting Market Research -- C5-30 pdf file      
Evaluating Marketing Outlets Using Whole-Farm Records -- C5-32 pdf file xls file    


Direct Marketing
Information Files
Marketing on the Internet -- C5-34 pdf file      
Catering - Events and Festivals -- C5-36 pdf file      
Community Supported Agriculture -- C5-37 pdf file      
Restaurant and Institutional Sales -- C5-38 pdf file      
How to Approach Potential Buyers -- C5-39 pdf file      


Information Files
Promoting Your Business -- C5-43 pdf file      
Evaluating Alternative Types of Advertising -- C5-139 pdf file      
Using Trade Shows for Product Promotion -- C5-140 pdf file      
Steps for Using Trade Shows - C5-141 pdf file      


Information Files
Building your Brand -- C5-50 pdf file teaching activity  
Building Your Brand with Flanker Brands -- C5-51 pdf file   teaching activity  
Building Your Brand with Brand Line Extensions -- C5-52 pdf file   teaching activity  
Brand Leveraging -- C5-53 pdf file   teaching activity  
Brand Loyalty -- C5-54 pdf file   teaching activity  


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