Farm and Ag Business Management Meetings

Pro-Ag Outlook and Management Seminars

The Pro-Ag Outlook and Management Seminars are designed to provide agribusiness leaders with a concise evaluation of current market conditions, expected trends in crop and livestock income potential and management implications. Participants will also receive an overview of the agricultural industry and learn how changes may affect Iowa producers.

2016 dates and locations will be available soon!

Programs and speakers will vary by location. Highlights include:

    • Corn & Soybean Market Outlook & Management Considerations
        - Dr. Chad Hart, Extension Grain Marketing Specialist

    • Swine & Beef Outlook & Management Considerations
        - Dr. Lee Schulz, Extension Livestock Economist or Shane Ellis, Extension Field Specialist

    • Profit Analysis- Strategies for 2017
        - Dr. Alejandro Plastina, Extension Economist

    • And more!
        - Extension Field Specialists, Extension Field Agronomists, ISU Legal Experts

Updated September 21, 2016