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Information Files
2014 Farm Bill: Terms to Know -- A1-30 pdf file  
New Safety Net: PLC, ARC-CO, ARC-IC -- A1-32 pdf file

xls file 2014 Projected ARC Payments

xls file 2015 Projected ARC Payments

xls file 2016 Projected ARC Payments

xls file PLC Projected Payments

Map of ARC-CO/PLC Payments - CARD    
2014 Farm Bill Analyzer: Data and Methods -- A1-33  

xls file 2014-2018 Payment Data by County for ARC-CO and PLC

xls file Analyzer

Base Acreage Reallocation and Payment Yield Update -- A1-35 pdf file

xls file Excel 07-13

xls file Excel 97-03

Farm Bill Calculator -- A1-36   xls file
New Safety Net: SCO -- A1-44 pdf file  
Season Average Price Calculator -- A2-15 pdf file xls file
Newsletter Articles
ARC/PLC payments in 2016 and 2017 -- March 2016    
New ARC-CO and PLC spreadsheets calculate projected payments -- June 2015    
New and updated Iowa State University farm bill tools -- February 2015    
ISU Extension presenting an overview of the 2014 Farm Bill -- November 2014    
ARC/PLC decisions: a three-step process -- November 2014    
Base acreage reallocation and payment yield update -- September 2014    
Base acreage reallocation decisions -- July 2014    
Conservation practices for landlords -- April 2014    
New farm program to provide enrollment decisions -- April 2014    
The agricultural act of 2014 -- March 2014  
Farm Bill update -- September 2013    


Information Files
2014 Farm Bill: Dairy Provisions -- B1-55 pdf file
Newsletter Articles
Farm bill and changes for dairy producers -- April 2014    

Farm Bill Web Casts & Presentations

* Additional rules have been set since the recording of this webinar.

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USDA Food, Farm, and Jobs Bill

ARC and PLC Producer Webtools

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