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Information Files
2014 Farm Bill: Terms to Know -- A1-30 pdf file  
New Safety Net: PLC, ARC-CO, ARC-IC -- A1-32 pdf file

xls file 2014 Projected ARC Payments

xls file 2015 Projected ARC Payments

xls file PLC Projected Payments

2014 Farm Bill Analyzer: Data and Methods -- A1-33  

xls file Excel 07-13

xls file Excel 97-03

Base Acreage Reallocation and Payment Yield Update -- A1-35 pdf file

xls file Excel 07-13

xls file Excel 97-03

Farm Bill Calculator -- A1-36   xls file
New Safety Net: SCO -- A1-44 pdf file  
Season Average Price Calculator -- A2-15 pdf file xls file
Newsletter Articles
New and updated Iowa State University farm bill tools -- February 2015    
ISU Extension presenting an overview of the 2014 Farm Bill -- November 2014    
ARC/PLC decisions: a three-step process -- November 2014    
Base acreage reallocation and payment yield update -- September 2014    
Base acreage reallocation decisions -- July 2014    
Conservation practices for landlords -- April 2014    
New farm program to provide enrollment decisions -- April 2014    
The agricultural act of 2014 -- March 2014  
Farm Bill update -- September 2013    


Information Files
2014 Farm Bill: Dairy Provisions -- B1-55 pdf file
Newsletter Articles
Farm bill and changes for dairy producers -- April 2014    

Meeting Details *

Details on payments projections and the 2014 Farm Bill will be discussed at Farmland Leasing Meetings in July and August. Click on any county to see meetings planned for July in that county and region. From the calendar, arrows are available to move forward to view August meetings. A statewide list of Farmland Leasing meetings by month is also available for July and August.

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* Sites will be added to the calendar as details are finalized. For questions, contact your ISU Extension and Outreach Farm Management Specialist.
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Farm Bill Web Casts & Presentations

* Additional rules have been set since the recording of this webinar.

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USDA Food, Farm, and Jobs Bill

ARC and PLC Producer Webtools

Updated: June 15, 2015