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Crop Decisions
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For raising crops, conventional and organic, markets, outlook, prices, machinery and more!

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Livestock Decisions
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For raising livestock, markets, outlook, prices, and more.

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Whole Farm Decisions
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For information on leasing, land values, or financial statements.

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Whole Farm
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Find information on feasibility studies, operations, marketing and more!

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Renewable Energy Decisions
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Ethanol profitability meter, biodiesel profitability meter, industry outlook, and more.

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June 2015 Updates

AgDM New and Updated Files

Crops -- Cost & Return:
ARC-CO Payment Calculator for 2014/15 -- A1-32 (Decision Tool)
ARC-CO Payment Calculator for 2015/16 -- A1-32 (Decision Tool)
Price Loss Coverage (PLC) Payment Calculator -- A1-32 (Decision Tool)
Crops -- Markets:
Cash Corn and Soybean Prices -- A2-11
Crops -- Machinery:
Replacement Strategies for Farm Machinery -- A3-30
Whole Farm -- Leasing:
Improving Your Farm Lease Contract - How to Determine a Reasonable Rent -- C2-01 (Voiced Media)
Do I Need a Written Lease – C2-03
Computing a Cropland Cash Rental Rate -- C2-20
Flexible Farm Lease Agreements -- C2-21
Computing a Livestock Building Cash Rental Rate -- C2-26
Creating a Flexible Swine Building Rental Agreement -- C2-27
Crop Share Analysis -- C2-30 (Decision Tool)
Whole Farm -- Transition & Estate Planning:
Estate Planning Attorneys: Finding One Who Can Work For You -- C4-61 (Voiced Media)

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