Written January, 2023
File A1-78

Net Returns to Carbon Farming

The accompanying spreadsheet (AgDM Decision Tool A1-78, Net Returns to Carbon Farming in Iowa) is a decision tool to evaluate the net returns to a carbon farming contract, based on the following attributes:

a. Farm location, by county,
b. Current farming practices: tillage management, cover crop use, irrigation, compost and manure use,
c. Contract type: per outcome or per practice,
d. Contract length,
e. Additional regenerative practice, from a list of 66 practices for working croplands,
f. Frequency of additional practice implementation,
g. Contracted price: price per ton of CO2e or price per practice,
h. Expected change in contract price,
i. Farm area enrolled in carbon contract,
j. Participation in cost-share programs: area, contract length, annual payments,
k. Expected changes in cash and non-cash cost,
l. Discount rate.

The specific methodologies to measure CO2e removal vary across carbon programs (see File A1- 76, How to Grow and Sell Carbon Credits in US Agriculture and File A1- 77, How do Data and Payments Flow through Ag Carbon Programs?), but they always involve the comparison of GHG emissions from the current production system (baseline) against the emissions from a modified production system with additional regenerative practices. The decline in emissions from the baseline to the modified production system is the carbon farming output, conceptually equivalent to a "yield" in crop production.

The Decision Tool, Net Returns to Carbon Farming in Iowa is designed to evaluate only one carbon contract at a time. To evaluate multiple carbon contracts, the user is advised to save each alternative as a separate spreadsheet file. Decision Tools for additional states are listed below, and more information is also available on the Ag Decision Maker Carbon Market Information webpage.

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