Updated April, 2021
File A1-33

Farm Bill Programs: Data and Methods for ARC-County and PLC

The Decision Tool, ARC-CO & PLC Per Acre Payment Estimator for Iowa, 2021-2022, uses reported and projected prices from USDA Farm Service Agency and Risk Management Agency to project payments at the county level for ARC-CO and PLC. This Decision Tool allows user considering ARC-CO or PLC to enter their own estimates to determine the risk management program for their farm under the 2018 Farm Bill. This tool is updated as new information is released on the USDA FSA website.

The Decision Tool, ARC-CO & PLC Payments by Crop and County for Iowa, 2014-2018, provides historic information on Iowa county level payments under ARC-CO and PLC from 2014 through 2018. Data can be viewed for all years for an individual county, or see annual data for all counties.

The ISU 2014 Farm Bill Analyzer focuses on decisions made for the 2014 farm bill at the single-farm level for corn and/or soybean producers in Iowa. Using historical information and expectations about prices and yields, the ISU 2014 Farm Bill Analyzer calculates expected payments and probabilities associated with payments under all possible combinations of programs across crops.


Alejandro Plastina, extension economist, 515-294-6160, plastina@iastate.edu
Kelvin Leibold, extension farm management specialist 641-648-4850, kleibold@iastate.edu


Alejandro Plastina

extension economist
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Kelvin Leibold

farm management specialist
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