Co-op 101
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Who owns the cooperative? -- February 2014        

Historic Foundations

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Ownership and Governance

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How Cooperatives Differ

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Economic Benefits

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Benefits to Employees

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Equity Management & Capital Structure
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The capital structures of Iowa’s grain and agriculture supply firms: are cooperatives different than their investor-owned counterparts? -- May 2015        


Cooperative Performance
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Evaluating a Company's Financial Position before Selling Grain on Deferred Price Contracts        
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Ag cooperatives consolidating, too -- May 2017        
Co-ops managing through low margins -- March 2017        
Cooperative grain margins and implications of crop price movements and market inverses -- December 2014        


Information Files
Elevator Failure and Provisions for Recoveries Under the Iowa Indemnity Fund -- A2-07 pdf file      
Condominium Grain Storage -- A2-36 pdf file   teaching activity  
A Discussion of the Sec 199A Deduction and its Potential Impacts on Producers and Grain Marketing Firms        
Newsletter Articles
Jacobs takes on new role in cooperatives -- August 2012        

The Impact of Tax Reform on Agricultural Cooperatives
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Understanding Ag Cooperatives’ Equity and Patronage



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