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CenUSA Bioenergy in 2015 -- August 2015        
Value of the dollar and exports of major agricultural crops -- April 2015        


Organic Crops
Information Files
Organic Crop Production Enterprise Budgets -- A1-18 pdf file xls file    
Developing Enterprise Budgets for Organic Crops - A1-25 pdf file      
Making the Transition from Conventional to Organic -- A1-26 pdf file xls file    
Risk Management Practices: Organic No-Till Grain Production with Cover Crops -- A1-92 pdf file     video
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Specialty Crops
Information Files
Iowa Fruit & Vegetable Production Budgets -- A1-17 pdf file xls file    
Using Enterprise Budgets to Make Decisions -- A1-19 pdf file   teaching activity  
Estimated Costs for Production, Storage and Transportation of Switchgrass -- A1-22 pdf file      
Vegetable Production Budgets for a High Tunnel -- A1-23 pdf file xls file    
Estimated Costs of Production for Winter Canola in Iowa -- A1-24 pdf file xls file    
To Grow or not to Grow: A Tool for Comparing Returns to Switchgrass for Bioenergy with Annual Crops and CRP -- A1-27 pdf file xls file    
Estimated Cost of Establishment and Production of Miscanthus in Iowa -- A1-28 pdf file xls file    
Estimated Cost of Establishment and Production of “Liberty” Switchgrass in Iowa -- A1-29 pdf file xls file    
Specialty Grain Terms -- A3-50 pdf file   teaching activity  
Specialty Markets Bring Different Risk Management Needs -- A4-55 pdf file      
Sweet Corn        
Price Determination for CSA Share Boxes -- C5-19 pdf file      


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