girl staining a shelf


Woodworking is a valuable skill for a hobby, household repairs, or even a career. Learn about types of wood, uses for various kinds of wood, how to make connections and joints, safety tips, common tools and project ideas from the very simple to impressive!

  • Develop skills in the selection and uses of various types of wood and wood products.
  • Develop skills in the selection, care, and safe use of woodworking technologies including tools and machines.
  • Learn about and develop responsible attitudes toward the science, engineering, technology and math behind the woodworking process
  • Develop problem solving and logical reasoning skills.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Make and finish a piece of furniture
  • Make a design for something you would like to build - a table, a cabinet, or even a small building
  • Create a poster on safety precautions when working with wood and tools
  • Develop an exhibit on woodworking tool(s) and what they are used for
  • Create an exhibit comparing wood to synthetic replacements

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Conduct a wood finishing seminar
  • Give a safety demonstration for safe woodworking tool usage
  • Develop an exhibit comparing different wood finishes


  • Build a bird feeder for a neighbor
  • Build toys out of wood for a homeless shelter
  • Join a Habitat for Humanity build


  • Conduct a basic building workshop for a younger club
  • Organize your club to assist older community members winterize their home
  • Be a project helper for younger members in woodworking

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Learn safety rules, tool safety settings and how to use safety gear
  • Identify what different woods look and feel like
  • Learn how to connect wood using glue and nails
  • Finish wood projects by sanding and painting
  • Learn to measure and cut angles
  • Learn the importance of proper sanding and finish application
  • Discover joining, clamping and connecting techniques
  • Using stain to emphasize the grain of wood
  • Understand difference between wood, laminates and veneers
  • Explore woodworking careers and entrepreneurial opportunities