Volunteer Training Modules Archive

2019-2020 Training: 4-H Prepares Youth for the Future

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2018-2019 Training:  4-H Fosters Independence

Training Prep Guide
Marketing Resources
Lesson Plan
Power Point Presentation
Support Material/Handouts

Participant Handouts

2017-2018 Training:  4-H Builds Resilience

2016-2017 Training: Youth Engagement Strengthens 4-H

2014-2015 Training: The Heart of Belonging

Winter 2013 Training: Experiential Learning: Do-Reflect-Apply

Fall 2012 Training: Risk Management Update

Fall 2011 Training: Cooking up a Healthy 4-H Program

Spring 2011 Training: My Hands to Larger Service

Fall 2010 Training: Charting a Greener Path

Spring 2010 Training (Creating Safe Environments - 4-H Risk Management) Face-to-Face Training

Spring 2010 Training DVD Alternative

Fall 2009 Training (Supporting Family Involvement 1) Face-to-Face Training

Fall 2009 Training DVD Alternative

Spring 2009 Training (Club Vibrancy 2) Face-to-Face Training

Spring 2009 Training DVD Alternative

Fall 2008 Training (Club Vibrancy 1) Face-to-Face Training

Fall 2008 DVD Alternative

Spring 2008 Training (Leadership Module 2)

Spring 2008 DVD Alternative

Fall 2007 Training (Leadership Module 1)

Spring 2007 Training (Communications Module 2)