Visual Art

Visual Art

Do you want to express yourself, be creative, or make an impression? Visual Arts is for you! It may be messy, fun, strange, or unique. You will get to work with paint, chalk, metal, wood, origami, computers and much, much more. Be yourself, explore visual arts!

  • Be confident expressing yourself through various art forms
  • Gain understanding of art history, cultures, and various technique
  • Master the basics of making great art – its elements and principals
  • Consider a career or life time hobby in art

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Interview a local artist
  • Create a portfolio and design idea book – for storing your great works and ideas
  • Experiment with line and color 
  • Identify a town or country and its local art  
  • Experiment with various brushes and paint
  • Experiment with line, shape, color, texture and space
  • Experiment with rhythm, proportion, emphasis, balance, and unity
  • Understand visual art in relationship to history and culture
  • Be an entrepreneur – market and sell your work

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Teach art activities at an afterschool or summer program
  • Plan, conduct and evaluate an on-going workshop
  • Demonstrate an art technique to local community groups, such as Kiwanis Club, Women's Church Group, Chamber of Commerce.

Civic Engagement

  • Volunteer at a local art event
  • Donate your art for a fundraiser
  • Volunteer at a local art museum


  • Lead your family in an art project
  • Volunteer to serve on a local art council
  • Teach an art workshop for your local Clover Kids Club

Exhibit Ideas

  • Piece of original art such as charcoal drawing, watercolor, tempera or acrylic painting, pen and ink drawing, colored pencil drawing, etc.
  • Report about a favorite artist’s life or type of art
  • Poster on different vegetable dyes
  • Demonstrate silk-screening
  • Report about careers that use artistic techniques such as a jeweler or designer