Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science

Do you have an animal you want to keep healthy or are you interested in a career keeping animals healthy? The 4-H Veterinary Science project helps you explore and learn more about animal health in your home, club, community, country, and world. Grow your knowledge about how animal health affects public health!

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Understanding differences of species in body styles, systems, breeds and life stages.
  • Explore the animal basic needs and health/safety.
  • Investigate the many careers of animal science and veterinary science.
  • Explore biosecurity and an animal health management plan for animals.
  • Consider ethics and animal welfare
  • Develop and maintain accurate health records for animals and pets.
  • Research the use of veterinary technology and procedures
  • Identify the transfer of diseases between animals and humans.
  • Further explore non-veterinary, animal-related careers

Share What You Learn With Others!

  • Complete a Service-Learning project
  • Assist with a local Food Safety Quality Assurance class for younger 4-H members
  • Schedule a job shadow with your local veterinarian
  • Become a youth representative on a livestock bio-security advisory group
  • Set-up a local/area animal disease emergency preparedness and response team
  • Is it fair time? Consider a communications speech or develop a poster or video for your county fair or the Iowa State Fair.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Compare/Contrast various health management plans for a type of animal
  • Interview a veterinarian and report on the various parts of their job.
  • Create a first aid kit for large or small animals
  • Make a poster showing how to care give first aid to an animal
  • Learn about newly approved feed additives for livestock and their uses
  • Develop a video or power point on ethics in the livestock industry