3 Tractors

4-H Tractor Project

Explore your interest in tractors. From this self-directed project, you can develop skills and interests related to safety maintenance and repair, driving skills, or restoration.

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Gain driving & operating skills.
  • Learn about & practice safe operation of tractors.
  • Learn to maintain, repair & restore tractors.
  • Develop your leadership & citizenship skills by teaching others what you have learned.

Ways to Say "No" to a Tractor Ride

Tractor rides are lots of fun, but not when you're in more danger.  Here are some ways to resist that potentially dangerous tractor ride.

  1. “I would rather be safe than be an extra rider.”
  2. “You might think it’s fun, but I know what can happen to extra riders."
  3. “Nah, one bump and I’m gone.”
  4. “I don’t wanna be a UFO (unidentified flat object)."
  5. “NOT!” 

Ways to say "no" and other tractor safety activities

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Do a talk about proper conveyer and quger safety.
  • Create a radio spot during Farm Safety Week.
  • Demonstrate causes of tractor roll-overs and how to prevent them.
  • Talk about the importance of safety features such as ROPS.

Civic Engagement

  • Lead a tractor safety workshop for your 4-H club or community.
  • Hold a battery and oil recycling day for your community.
  • Help a neighbor winterize their tractor.


  • Help plan a farm safety field day for kids.
  • Set-up a tour of farms in your community to learn about different types of tractors.
  • Tour a tractor mechanic or manufacturing facility.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Restore a tractor body.
  • Make a poster about using GPS with tractors.
  • Restore a tractor engine.
  • Compare tractors and how different types are used.
  • Create a poster on tractor safety.
  • Learn about PTO Shafts- what they're used for and why they're dangerous and share your findings on a poster.
  • Compare different types of fuels used by tractors.
  • Make a display of different types of bolts and screws.