Staff photo

Mitchell Hoyer

Interim Director Extension Youth 4H
(515) 294-1531
Staff photo

Ben Pullen

4-H Senior Field Manager
(712) 262-2264
Staff photo

Cayla Taylor

4-H Senior Educational Program Manager
(515) 294-1877
Staff photo

Bonnie Dalager

4-H Educational Design and Development Manager
(515) 294-3082
Staff photo

Tillie Good

4-H Staff and Volunteer Development Manager
(515) 294-1557
Staff photo

Kurt Goldsmith

4-H Business Administrator
(515) 294-2078
Staff photo

Jennifer Grundmeier

4-H Office Manager
(515) 294-1018

Stephanie Alanis

NW Region Program Assistant
(515) 294-1017
Staff photo

Celine Beggs-Shoemaker

4-H Animal Science Specialist
(515) 294-8617
Staff photo

Mattea Boettcher

4-H Support Staff
(515) 294-1017
Staff photo

Madeleine Bretey-Smith

4-H Leadership and Civic Engagement Specialist
(515) 294-2748
Staff photo

Allison Brundy

4-H Natural Resources Program Specialist
(515) 294-5939

Lynne Campbell

4-H Education Extension Specialist
(515) 294-1521
Staff photo

Gail Castillo

4-H Risk Management Specialist
(515) 294-2647
Staff photo

Clark Colby

4-H Arts, Communication and Design Program Specialist, Assistant Teaching Professor
Staff photo

Lorena Dorado-Robles

4-H Recruitment, Retention and Engagement Specialist
(515) 294-4613
Staff photo

Sally Shaver DuBois

4-H School Wellness Specialist
(515) 294-2150
Staff photo

Pete Evans

Forward Learning Experience (FLEx) Coordinator
(515) 294-0128
Staff photo

Brynna Baumhover

4-H Database Administrator
(515) 294-9785

Emma Freel

4-H Support Staff
(515) 294-2167

Teri Mash

Iowa AmeriCorps 4-H Outreach P - 4-H Youth
(515) 943-9063

Carey Miller

4-H AmeriCorps Grant Specialist
(515) 294-3760
Staff photo

Alexa Groff

4-H STEM Specialist
(515) 294-8848
Staff photo

Nicole Hanson

4-H Clover Kids Specialist
(515) 294-1611
Staff photo

Maya Hayslett

4-H Crop Sciences Specialist
(319) 321-1350
Staff photo

Elizabeth Huffman

4-H Support Staff
(515) 294-1017
Staff photo

Ginny Kjer

SE Region Program Assistant
(641) 682-5491
Staff photo

Lexa Krause

4-H Marketing and Communications Specialist
(515) 294-1519
Staff photo

Sara Nelson

4-H STEM Specialist
(515) 294-2612
Staff photo

Sydney Peterson

4-H Communications Specialist
(515) 294-1082
Staff photo

Elaine Phompheng

4-H Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist
(515) 294-9627

Vicki Speake

4-H Support Staff
(515) 294-5738
Staff photo

Leslie Stonehocker

4-H Events Coordinator
(515) 294-1334
Staff photo

Staci Wicks

4-H AmeriCorps Program Specialist
(515) 294-9722