Robotics is the way of the future that is here today.  Robots do surgery, build cars, and assist us with our complex modern lives. This project is all about these amazing machines and learning to build and program your own robots to solve issues you face.

  • Improve communication and teamwork skills by working the way scientists and engineers do - in teams.
  • Develop responsible attitudes about science and technology and how they relate to the real world and people’s lives.
  • Gain experience in problem solving and decision-making using science process skills.
  • Develop knowledge and skills related to robotics and engineering design process.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Make and exhibit a robot you’ve programed to perform a specific function
  • Make a poster on types of robots in the world around you
  • Research what companies use robots and how
  • Use recycled materials to make a robot

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Design a working exhibit on how to build a simple robot
  • Start a blog about how to use robots to solve problems
  • Produce a video to show a robotics competition you participated in

Civic Engagement

  • Bring robots to an elderly care center and show them how to make them work.
  • Build a robot to pick up trash.


  • Lead a LEGO® robot building or programming workshop
  • Mentor a robotics club of younger kids

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Play with toy robots and figure out how they work
  • Learn about how robots are used in the real world
  • Join a robotics club so you can practice building and programming a robot
  • Learn more advanced robot design and programming techniques
  • Learn how sensors work, how they are used in robotics, and how to program a robot with sensors
  • Talk to companies that use robotics about ideas for projects & ways robotics are used in real world situations.
  • Consider complex tasks that need accomplished and design and program a robot to do them for you
  • Job shadow an engineer or programmer
  • Be a mentor to a team of younger robotics enthusiasts