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Avian Influenza Information 2022

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Learning Resources & Alternative Poultry Show Options

2022 Iowa State Fair Market Broiler Entry - Due May 1

The 4-H poultry program is part of the animal science project. The program will help you learn about chickens from the egg to the table. Get involved in embryology, growing and managing a small flock of chickens.  If you have already signed up for this 4-H project, come on in and get started. If you haven't signed up yet, contact your county 4-H office and become a member today.

  • Learn the basic principles of animal science by owning, caring for, and keeping records on one or more head of poultry.
  • Explore knowledge of sound breeding, feeding, and management practices. 
  • Investigate current issues facing the industry and how you can start a career in the poultry business. 

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Produce a healthy and safe meat product
  • Learn proper feeding techniques
  • Describe signs of a healthy bird
  • Learn different housing systems
  • Investigate DNA and genetics
  • Discover proper food safety techniques from farm to table
  • Explore the difference between class, breed and variety
  • Discover how eggs are made
  • Compare poultry carcasses and grading

Share What You Learn with Others!


  • Design a poster on parts of the animal
  • Participate in a judging contest giving oral reasons
  • Explain the cuts of meat and how to prepare them

Civic Engagement

  • Volunteer your bird for a community petting zoo
  • Hand out food samples at your local grocery store
  • Volunteer to help at the county fair poultry show


  • Invite other 4-H members to tour your farm
  • Teach others how to safely handle poultry
  • Lead a poultry selection and feeding clinic

Exhibit Ideas

Participate in the 4-H poultry show

  • Breeding birds
  • Market broilers

Consider an exhibit, notebook or display showing what you've learned in a poultry-related topic

  • Feeding rations
  • Poultry by-products
  • Daily routine in caring for animals
  • Developing a breeding herd

Poultry Health Info



Exotic Newcastle Disease

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