Horticulture is the science, business and art of growing and marketing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. It’s unique among plant sciences because it not only involves science and technology, but it also incorporates art and design principles.Garden
If you are already signed up for this 4-H project, come on in and get started.  If you haven't signed up yet, contact your county 4-H office and become a member today.

State Fair 4-H Entry Due July 1!

Skills to Achieve Mastery

  • Learn basic principles of plant science.
  • Learn to plan, care for, and manage vegetable and/or flower gardens, lawns, or commercial horticultural crops.
  • Learn effective, safe methods of pest control and management.
  • Produce vegetables and fruits for year-round use to improve nutrition.
  • NEW Preparing Vegetables for fair

Take It Further

Horticulture Hot Sheet (pdf)
Test your soil!  Don't assume that your plants automatically need fertilizer.  There are many different types of soil in Iowa and many different needs.  If you know what the nutrient needs of your plants are then you can help them be more productive by knowing what to add to the soil! Ask your county extension agent for help.

Preparing your vegetables for fair. Learn more about how to get your horticulture project ready for the fair, what the judge may ask, and much more!

Step It Up

  • Complete a Service-Learning project
  • Plant a garden that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds for a nursing home, school, or daycare.
  • Help an elderly or disabled person brighten up their yard by planting some flower for them.
  • Make flower baskets to distribute at the local hospital or nursing home.
  • Host a flower/vegetable sale to raise money for a special cause or your 4H club!
  • Take surplus vegetables and fruits to your local food pantry.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Visit a local nursery and make a list of the plants that they have available, that you find interesting. They may have books that you can look at as well. Investigate which plants will attract butterflies or hummingbirds.

  • Draw a plan of your yard and decide where you might want to plant some flowers that will be beneficial for butterflies, hummingbirds, or other birds. You may want to keep in mind that bees will also like your flowers! Keep a journal of what visits your flowers and when.

4-H Resources

Horticulture Hot Sheet (pdf)
Publications available through ISU Extension Online Store or at your County Extension Office

Recordkeeping Forms

Other Resources

Type "garden" in the ISU Extension Online Store search to find more materials.