Music rocks! It's all around us. It's in movies, TV, radio, i-pods, computers, school, concerts, and well, just about everywhere! Music sets the mood and is the focus for voice or instrumental performances. Challenge yourself to learn or increase your skill level!

  • Explore various types of music
  • Compose or arrange music
  • Make your own musical instruments

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Perform your music in different places; compare how location affects your sound
  • Interview members of your family about their favorite music
  • Investigate the role of a music conductor or director
  • Identify an event or place you'd like to perform (4-H share-the-fun, senior center, service clubs, or shopping mall); plan out your performance and perform
  • Dig into the works by a single composer or performer (solo or group)
  • Trace a musical style such as jazz or baroque
  • Compare and contrast different arrangements of the same piece of music
  • Write your own piece of music and have someone else test it out
  • Explore the size, shape and materials of different instrument classes (woodwinds and brass) or instruments within a class (viola and violin)

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Write a review of a musical performance for your school or local newspaper
  • Write a poem and set it to music
  • Create a poster to promote musical performance.

Civic Engagement

  • Perform at community events or a nursing home
  • Assist with Sunday school music at your church, temple, etc.
  • Volunteer to sing the national anthem at community sporting events


  • Organize a talent show to increase awareness of the musical talents of other 4-H'ers
  • Organize a club outing to a musical performance
  • Volunteer to teach or lead music at a 4-H day camp

Exhibit Ideas

  • Develop your musical abilities and perform music
  • Compose or arrange music
  • Make a poster listing common musical notations
  • Trace the history of an instrument over time and changes made - exhibit a timeline
  • Organize and participate in Share the Fun with other club members