Program Overview 

Today, it’s more important than ever that youth are engaged with and interested in STEM. InventSTEM is a new Iowa 4-H Program in partnership with Alliant Energy for youth in grades 4-12 that encourages youth to engage in the innovation process to solve real-world problems.

This engaging STEM program contains a total of six learning modules that utilize the national 4-H curriculum “The Power of the Wind” (2015). After working through the learning modules, teams of youth are then asked to generate a possible a solution to a real-world wind energy problem using the InventSTEM Process. Finalists will be chosen by Alliant Energy and a showcase will be held at the 2020 Iowa State Fair.

Interested in Learning More?

Please download the program overview and contact your ISU County Extension Office to learn more about this exciting program.  InventSTEM kits are available at all ISU County Extension Offices.

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We recommend utilizing the STEM: General block for this program when utilizing the Common Measures evaluation tool. Iowa 4-H state or county program staff may request a paper and/or digital common measures survey for the delivery of this program by filling out this online request form.