“Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!” These animals do not make good pets; however, dogs do! Dogs are used for sports and assist in working livestock. The dog project helps you explore what kind of dog fits into your family’s lifestyle and how to be an excellent trainer and caretaker of your dog.

Share What You Learn With Others!

  • Job-shadow at a local business (pet store, veterinary clinic, breeder, etc.) in a dog related career that interests you
  • Go to local dog shows and explore the differences in dog breeds and how they are shown
  • Explore health safety issues with dogs – what diseases do dogs have that might make humans ill?
  • Research all the kinds of parasites your dog might get and how to protect you and your dog
  • Do some comparison shopping for dog supplies
  • Explore what kind of restrictions and laws your community might have on dogs
  • What are the requirements for licensing a dog in your community?
  • Explore the subject of animal assisted therapy, how it is used and what the benefits are
  • If you are in high school, consider attending the annual Iowa 4-H Youth Conference

Exhibit Ideas

  • Exhibit your dog at the fair
  • Make a first aid kit for a dog. Tell why and how each item is used
  • Share diet and nutrition information for raising a healthy dog – teach other 4-H members how to read a nutrition label on the dog food bag
  • Attend a dog show; take photos and make a notebook about dog breeds
  • Visit a dog store and find as many pieces of dog equipment as you can.  Identify necessary equipment and costs
  • Make a poster on diseases your dog can get. Tell about its discovery, effects, treatments, prognosis, and outcomes
  • Research jobs related to dogs; make a poster showing three jobs that interest you