Consumer Management

Consumer Management

Use the Consumer Management project to get more bang for your buck! Find out how to use your money to get the things you want.

  • Identify needs and wants, and how you spend your money on each.
  • Make informed consumer decisions to reach your goals and to solve problems.
  • Know your rights as a shopper.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Track your spending for a month and see where your money goes
  • Track your spending related to a 4-H project (livestock, photography, clothing, pets)
  • Compare colleges, trade schools etc.
  • Explore advertised products with various target audiences (examples include children’s programs, prime time, sporting events)
  • Compare TV & radio ads to print ads
  • Decision making when purchasing an expensive product
  • Show your clothing consumer skills by taking an inventory of your wardrobe and decide what new pieces are needed and make a plan to purchase them.

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Design a poster comparing similar products
  • Do a presentation about advertising techniques
  • Talk to a group about different internet shopping sites and the value or concerns with those


  • Give a portion of your money to a cause that you believe in
  • Volunteer to help manage money at a fundraiser
  • Go to a senior center and teach adults about safe online shopping


  • Help your family identify needs and wants
  • Serve as the treasurer of a group
  • Organize a fundraiser for a cause you believe in

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Set a budget, make a list, and go shopping
  • Make a list of your needs and your wants, and write down how you spend your money on each
  • Develop a savings plan to save for an item that you want to buy 
  • Set goals to spend your money wisely
  • Identify the benefits of different savings account options
  • Compare return policies of different vendors—stores and on-line.
  • Set saving, spending, and sharing goals for your money
  • Develop a plan for the future – college, car, independent living
  • Learn about consumer rights and how to use them effectively