4-H Connect Retreat

April 26-28 2019

The 4-H Connect Retreat provides multicultural youth in grades 8-11 the opportunity to connect their culture with Iowa 4-H and Iowa State University while making connections with youth from other cultures across Iowa.  Youth participants will gather to experience 4-H Healthy Living, STEM, Leadership & Civic Engagement, and Communication & the Arts workshops through a cultural perspective.


The 4-H Connect Retreat is a launching pad for underrepresented and underserved youth in grades 8-11 to begin engaging with their local 4-H programs. These events are designed to use cultural strengths to introduce young people to their local 4-H program, introduce volunteers and staff to culturally-based leadership development best practices, and to connect underrepresented youth to post-secondary education and resources. Local programs can build on these newly developed relationships and further cultivate these young leaders by integrating them into their existing 4-H program delivery modes or by developing new program opportunities for youth in their communities.


The first day of the 4-H Connect Retreat begins with an opening session (9:00 AM Friday) to introduce the youth to one another, to our staff and to hear from a keynote speaker. For the remainder of the afternoon, young people attend several activities designed by host partners at various colleges at Iowa State University.

The remaining two days are filled with fun and educational activities, events, and presentations at Clover Woods, the Iowa 4-H camping center in Madrid, IA. Participants will stay in cabins, explore the outdoors, participate in a number of workshops, fun free time activities, cultural entertainment, and have the opportunity to meet young people from across Iowa. The event ends on Sunday at 12:00 noon.

Youth in grades 8-11, join us for a weekend of cultural celebration of heritage, learning and leadership experiences, and fun!


Contact your local County Extension Office if you are interested in this event and would like more information. Event registrations are limited and will close on April 8, 2019 at 5:00 PM. The youth and chaperone combined maximum registration is 165. If the maximum registrations are reached prior to the close date, registrations will be closed at that time. County and field staff members who plan to attend as chaperones must also register through the 4HOnline event registration.

Once enrolled as a 4-H member, youth may attend this event at no charge--an approximate $350 value. Transportation assistance may be available. Contact Cayla Taylor for more information.

Youth program specialists will support the recruitment and registration of participants in partnership with county youth staff. They will also assist with the development or expansion of local programming for youth through professional development, support of resource development, or through assistance with coordination or volunteer development.

County Staff Checklist for Supporting Participants

  • In partnership with your Youth Field Specialist, market the opportunity to community youth.
  • Enroll youth participants as 4-H members and process event registration paperwork.
  • Recruit and register one volunteer chaperone every ten youth per gender.
  • Coordinate logistics for transporting youth to ISU and home from Madrid, IA.
  • Continue to provide program opportunities to engage youth in the local 4-H program.