Connecting Learning & Living

Connecting Learning & Living (CLL)  programs provide applicable garden-based, nutritional, environmental and agricultural education to youth of all ages, through hands-on lessons and activities that connect learning in classrooms and after-school programs with living on planet Earth.  We welcome you and invite you to explore this website for more information and a variety of resources.

CLL includes Growing in the Garden: PreK through Grade 3 Curriculum, Growing in the Garden: Local Foods and Healthy Living; the Where We Live series; Food, Land & People: Resources for Learning; other curricula; training; grant programs; and special projects.

Connecting Learning & Living is the Iowa leader for the 1 million-dollar USDA People's Garden School Pilot Program titled, Healthy Gardens, Healthy Youth. The national team includes Washington State, Cornell, Iowa State, and Arkansas State University Extension Services.

Learning Objectives

When youth and caring adults thoroughly engage in CLL lessons & activities and apply them to their lives, there will be:

  • Decreases in  childhood  and adult obesity and other physical and mental health problems, resulting in healthier youth, families, and communities.        
  • Increases in healthy and sustainable food and environmental activities for youth, families, communities, and beyond.
  • Vibrant 4-H and after-school youth programs.
  • Fewer schools on the “at risk” list for No Child Left Behind.

Standards and Benchmarks

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